You Are Still New To Twitter?

There are new people coming on board at Twitter every day, so I will not assume that you already have your own Twitter account. To that end, I decided to add a quick post here that is quite useful if you are curious about Twitter and have not yet explored it’s possibilities for expanding your online presence.

Once you have created your Twitter account, be sure to connect there with me at

Since joining I have added my Twitter feed to places such as the home page of Forward Steps and at my Social Communities page for Forward Steps. To do this, I logged in to Twitter, then clicked the ‘Apps’ link right at the bottom of the Twitter page. You can see the widgets option there. I chose to see others, and then selected the html widget format. It takes on the font and css style of your web page automatically.

As well as that, I have my latests blog posts fed to my Twitter automatically by using the services provided by Friendfeed. In settings, you will see the Twitter publishing preferences.

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