Hi, it’s personal and kinda urgent…

Now you have this blog post open, will you take a little time out to read it? It’s not too long. 🙂

I have 2 very special news items for March, and need some help.


I am gifting a ONCE ONLY TIME for you to buy my book with more than a 30% saving on the download version, and a 20% saving on the physical paperback copy of “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones”.

I decided this on a whim because I want to send out a big thank you!

Take FULL advantage of it here => www.timeformylife.com/#buy

Do that BEFORE the last day in March 2010 because end of the month, both those editions return to their original prices – permanently!


Do you have your own blog or website? Then, you MUST NOT MISS out…  www.myforwardsteps.com/Story-Contribution.html

I aim to have all story contributions to me before end of March 2010.

Anything that I do which is of benefit to promoting these two books, will equally support the promotion of your own products or websites.

A rising tide raises all the boats!


Will you do a HUGE FAVOR and share about one or both those gifts?

Here’s one terrific, first example to show you…

To tell friends about the Time For My Life special during March…

http://forwardsteps.info/BookEmail to send an email to your friends, and/or  http://forwardsteps.info/BookSocial to submit it to your social bookmarks.

To share with others the book contribution opportunity, just use…

http://forwardsteps.info/StorySocial to add it to your social sites, and/or  http://forwardsteps.info/StoryEmail to email people you know, directly.

OR you could become an affiliate and benefit several times over… www.timeformylife.com/affiliate.html

Each Forward Step Enhances The Value Of Your First


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