Believe in… Love, Gratitude, Connectivity and Purpose

This is a guest post by my friend Angela Smith…

I believe that the four most important things to remember are love, gratitude, connectivity and purpose. And that the more we open up our hearts in gratitude, the greater connectivity we will feel.

I believe in love, that love is the power that moves us forward, transforming darkness into light. I believe that we are all one, that the pain we feel is the pain of our fragmented selves going through the birthing process, journeying to remember our soul connection. That the pain we feel is the pain brought about by holding on too tightly to what is familiar and safe, no matter how uncomfortable it may actually be for us ― the opposite of which is to surrender as we head towards the light and greater connectivity.

In truth we are all connected, it is as if we have forgotten, or that we don’t trust enough in the other (i.e. ourselves) forgetting the other are a mere reflection of our consciousness, reflecting back to us all that we are.

The reason we feel so alone is because this is where we place our attention, acting as if we are alone i.e. believing in an ‘us’ and ‘them’. When we change our operettas modem, then the loneliness and separation we choose to feel will disappear. If we think and believe that we are connected, we will indeed feel this connectivity. Simply starting by looking for proof of connectivity will heighten our awareness and bring it to our attention. A-lone-ness is a misbelieve, one that has held us captive for too long, stuck in thoughts of struggle and thoughts of I have to do it on my own.

Imagine for a moment all those people you think are against you, have offended you, or that have upset you. Now imagine that they too are equally just as offended or upset with you or with others. That’s a lot of conflicting emotion floating around, emotion that keeps us stuck in a-lone-ness. And wouldn’t we feel silly if we’d found out that at least one of those people wanted to support us, but didn’t know how to get through our barriers, that they too just wanted to feel the connection, the peace, that they too wanted rid of the pettiness, the smallness.

Imagine how different our lives will start to appear once we truly believe that we are connected, we will begin to treat others how we’d like to be treated ourselves. Many of you might say I do this already, but do we really? What about hidden resentments and expectations that lead to feelings of anger and frustration.

Treating others how we’d like to be treated means really opening up our hearts and allowing, allowing for the feeling of love to permeate our whole being until we do vibrate at the level of joy.

Perhaps a way to bring greater joy into our lives starts with the following exercise; starting with one situation that has often involved conflict is the best place to start. If you feel too vulnerable to face a particular person, how about connected in with your heart and finding one thing that you are grateful for in the other person. This opens up the connection and takes your focus off of what isn’t right, to what feels right for you. You will begin to feel and notice an inner feeling of harmony that wasn’t present before. How wonderful:)

(C) Angela Smith is a published author in the motivational arena, her work as a mentor and motivator is her passion. To impart wisdom and knowledge from experiences gleaned along the way. As a parent and mother to a eight year old son, she actively promotes a ‘positive way of being’ with children. Working and studying in the areas of communication, health and natural wellness, Angela attained a Bachelor of Arts degree completing papers in Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology. Passionate about life and seeing others fulfil their dreams, she encourages people to see their True Potential.

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