My book “Time For My Life” is through to Round 2

I just got the news this morning in my email in-box.

My book “Time For My Life” is through to Round 2 of The Next Top Spiritual Author contest.

There is no way this would have happened without the generosity of you who voted for me.

If you did vote, then there are gifts from me already on their way to you. You are on my special mailing list of Forward Steps VIP’s!

Here are the results or if they remove that page, I have copied it in a PDF for you to see…

They haven’t listed us alphabetically, rather in order of our author number for the contest. My number is 2296.

Now, to celebrate today and get on with the jobs required for Round 2.

This is so very exciting and quite a ride. Thank you again everyone.

If you did not vote, your thoughts and hopes for my book getting through still had an impact and made a huge difference.

Round 2 requires a voting component too. Hope you’ll be there when I will be asking for your support once more. In a few weeks, I imagine.

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  1. self improvement books - onbeinghuman
    2010/05/26 at 22:48

    keep us posted be happy to vote!

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