Jonathan Livingston Seagull meets The Da Vinci Code

Every once in a long, long while, if you’re really lucky, you discover something wonderful – something so special that you just have to tell everyone you know about it so they can experience its wonder too.

You know it’s special because you’re sure that if you’d missed it, you’d have missed something big, something important, something you’d regret not being a part of.

Such events are rare so it’s with great pleasure that I share this with you.

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It’s about a book. (And an unbelievable GIVE-AWAY!) A book that has captivated and inspired reviewers, readers and inspirational leaders around the globe – for proof, just read the testimonials on the web page.

Imagine “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” meets “The Da Vinci Code” – a book as thought-provoking as it is thrilling.

“What if…?” by Steve N. Lee is a darn good book and a terrific roller coaster thriller in its own right, but it’s far, far more than mere entertainment.

This book will touch you. And touch you deeply.

You see, it explores life. This novel will not just thrill you, but enlighten and warm you. You’ll discover truths about how we live, about what we are doing to the planet and each other, and about that never-ending struggle we all have to find purpose and happiness.

I know you wonder about such things, just as I do. Well, now it’s time for answers. And not from some dry self-help manual you have to wade through, but a riveting thriller that’s a genuine page-turner.

As “What if…?” grips you, it will also inspire you and make you believe that the seemingly impossible is possible. That creating a better world – for you, me, for everyone – is not just conceivable, but easily within our grasp.

This is the kind of book that you will feel in your heart, in your gut, and in your head, all at the same time.

It’s a book you won’t want to put down.
A book you won’t want to end.
A book you’ll savour to that very last word on that very last page.
It’s a book you’ll want to tell everyone – EVERYONE – about.

It’s no wonder there’s talk of a movie adaptation.

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Enjoy your new book and your gifts,

Cheers, Thea

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