Educational and Inspirational Talks

The John Assaraf video is ready for us to see here…

I hope you have been finding these conversations both educational and inspirational. I’ve watched each a couple of times, I always hear something new each time I listen.

It’s just too easy to get stuck in some kind of pre-programmed expectation that we have to settle for whatever comes our way.

If you find yourself spending more time worrying than being thankful and feeling good – you really want to see this next movie interview with John Assaraf.

Our brain keeps us alive, triggers inspiration, and allows us to navigate our way through the world every single day. The thing is, there’s even more inner power hidden away that we probably haven’t accessed yet.

I love finding out more and latest about how matter in our universe works, and our mind’s connection with that.

When you get to the page, click the large blue button top-right on that site. There are 6 pre-made mind movies for you, as a free gift. They are different to last year’s movies, if you collected those during 2009. Their mind movie creation technology has also changed.

I’ll be back again soon, with the Joe Vitale interview. Enjoy!

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