8 Important Questions from Chris Howard

I received these terrific 8 important questions from Chris Howard today and thought they would be great to share with you too.

I have attended Chris’ events and they are so much fun, as well as hugely effective in giving you powerful tools for change.
Long term change, not for a few days after the event! 🙂

Hi Thea, it’s Chris Howard here.

I know life can be pretty hectic, however, I’m writing to ask you to give yourself a couple of minutes in your busy day to stop and consider 8 very important questions.

It will just take a few moments and could be the most significant thing you do today in terms of living the life you really want…

Here’s the 8 questions:

1. What is the cost of playing small and not really going for your dreams and not really playing full out in your life?

2. What has that cost you so far in your life? What does it cost you spiritually? What does it cost you emotionally? Financially?

3. What would it continue to cost you if you were to carry on playing small and not really going after your dreams? What would it cost you over the next year? Over the next three years? The next five years?

4. Then what would it cost you ultimately in your life? What would you lose out on? What would you miss out on? What’s the ultimate price that you would have to pay for selling yourself short, playing small, and not going for your dreams?

5. What do you stand to gain by stepping up and making the commitment today to play full out, follow your heart, and live your dreams? What’s the ultimate benefit?

6. When you achieve that ultimate benefit, what will that allow you to do or to have?

7. What’s important to you about those benefits?

And finally, the most important question…

8. How committed are you to that?

Very few people are really committed to anything in life. Yet we bring magic into our lives when we wake up to something inspiring.

Fifteen years ago, when I set out to help people live their greatest dreams and create true wealth, I burned all my bridges behind me. I made a commitment that brought me the life I’m blessed to live today, and that shaped my long-term future as well.

Today, you have an opportunity to make this same commitment – not to me, but to yourself. You’ve got to hold yourself accountable. To really gain power in life, you need to maintain the integrity of your intentions. By sticking to your commitments – all of them – you will build a powerful system for creating whatever result you truly desire.

Are you ready?

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It really is possible to live the life you dream of.

Christopher Howard
CEO & Founder
Academy of Wealth & Achievement

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