The puzzle called life…

If life were a puzzle, and everyday it was your job to find the pieces to the puzzle and make them fit, would life be fun if you were handed all of the puzzle pieces and knew exactly how to put the puzzle together?

I don’t think so. Just like when you complete an actual puzzle once, it is not nearly as fun the next time (that’s if there is a next time.)

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The point: Do you wish that life was handed to you on a silver platter? With a snap of the fingers you could have all the money, success, love, house, and material possessions that you desire?

You think that would be awesome. But soon enough you would be bored with life and then what’s the point to living.

If there wasn’t an element of surprise anymore, wouldn’t life be very bland and unfulfilling?

What we tend to forget is that life is about the journey. It is a massive and complex game that ends the same way for everyone.

The people who understand the principles of the game tend to do better. They win more, have more fun, and enjoy the journey until its end. However, the people who are unaware of the rules or principles do bad in the game and are often disappointed.

My friend Nick from Creative Wealth Building created a video series that shows you what the game of life is all about and how to play effectively, so you come out on the winning side more often.

Here’s to having fun!

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