Recommended programs and tools

I love to recommend terrific online tools and resources that work for me, as well as the work of people who have inspired me or who have become good friends.

Most of my favorite and recommended affiliate programs will be listed here for you. I am asked so often which programs and tools I might recommend.

My friends often want to sign up to selected products using my affiliate code. This is also a handy list for 2nd tier affiliate options; my entrepreneurial friends often ask. 🙂

Most of the programs and products listed are regularly recommended by me because they are my favorites and many are programs that I use or have used, (those are the ones I have highlighted for you). Others are used by well trusted friends of mine or are produced by people and businesses I have come to know & who can be relied upon, to give you good service and quality resources.

Some of the links will directly take you to the place to sign up as an affiliate. Other links might take you to the product or service web site, from where you can then find the affiliate program they offer (it should remember you as the visitor).

These are placed in no particular order of preference or importance, simply as an alphabetically arranged list. There is much MORE on its way, at the link below…

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