Resetting Your Definition of Wealth and Happiness

Nick Pfennigwerth is a good friend and he has been helping people for over the past five years create absolute wealth in their lives.

He will show you ways to upgrade to a full functioning wealthy human being…so you can have a wealthy harmonic relationship with all areas of your life (financial, relational, health, emotional, and spiritual) and unleash your true personal power that makes life a fun journey of effortless abundance, personal fulfillment, success, wealth and happiness.

Becoming conscious of your internal blueprint gives you freedom to create beliefs, values, decisions, and strategies that serve you.

Once you understand where power comes from and how to apply your personal power for fulfillment, your finances, relationships, health, emotions, and spirituality will become a fun dance and journey of prosperity, abundance, and passion.

Click Here for The Three Jewels of Business by Nick Pfennigwerth [free]. Nick’s content not for the light-hearted, get-rich-quick type of thinking, and definitely not for people looking for a magic pill to success and happiness.

If you’re willing to accept that success requires some level of personal responsibility… then these will definitely help you.

1 comment for “Resetting Your Definition of Wealth and Happiness

  1. jack simony
    2011/02/22 at 21:30

    Now, let’s move onto many people that make $500,000 a year. No, not billionaires. Possibly, not even millionaires but. But, could you reside on $500,000 a year? Naturally you can.

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