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To quote my friend and colleague Eldon Taylor, “Self-actualization begins by finding who it is that we seek to actualize.” His newest book, “What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization”, is not just a fascinating read but a transformational experience that allows your true self to flourish!

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Eldon Taylor What If Video Trailer ImageFew are the authors who turn you inside out, who blow up your preconceived notions and cause you to become honest with yourself through and through. That’s precisely what happens when you read What If? I highly recommend this book to those who are unflinching in their journey to the Authentic Self.” -Michael Bernard Beckwith

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, What if everything I believed was wrong? What if you discovered that your beliefs weren’t even your own? Who would you be if you stripped away all of those fears and desires that are hiding the real you? Eldon examines these questions (and many more!) in his amazing new release, “What If? The Challenge of Self Realization”. Many reviewers are saying that this book is a life changing experience. Full of thought experiments you can participate in, in the privacy of your own home, this one book will assist you in uncovering the real you.

Personal empowerment just took a quantum leap in this astonishing book by Eldon Taylor. What If? consists of a series of thought experiments that will move you out of the rigid beliefs you did not even know you had, into a way of life that allows you to fully express your amazing uniqueness and gifts. I highly recommend it.”-Crystal Andrus, bestselling author of Simply…Woman! and Simply…EMPOWERED!

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Eldon Taylor What If Book Cover IMageHave your ever felt just a little off? Sensing or experiencing a sort of discontent—the kind that leaves you disquieted? Or how about those feelings that life is going by and somehow you are missing something or that just around the corner there lurks a sure and certain peril? Are you addicted to consuming, dreaming of how you can obtain more, more of everything—money, power, fame, esteem, and so on? Have you tried self-help only to be disappointed in its bandaging effect? These are some of the signs of what Eldon calls Falsophrenia—a new Global Pandemic?

If you relate to any of this then “What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization” is a book you must read!

This book should come with a warning. It’s a black belt in how to discover your true essence. It turned me inside out and chopped me on the head! Don’t get this book unless you are really willing to find yourself where you can’t believe you are. What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization is too soft a title for this book. Reading it is living it and you must prepare yourself for the challenge.” -Shazzie, Visionary In Paradise Books

Purchase just one copy of “What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization”. Finally allow yourself to be truly free, happy and self-fulfilled!

Eldon Taylor has broken the mold of most self-help writers as he tackles face on many of those taboo questions. Bold, forthright and most certainly profound, What If? takes the reader on a number of thought experiments to expose how much of our power we have given away. The lessons in this book are vital if you wish to experience what it is to be free to reach your highest level of self-actualization.” -Dr. Nick Begich, author of Controlling the Human Mind

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