Life On Purpose – Free Teleclass/Webcast

Have you ever wondered how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life? It’s a life that is an integrated whole where you flow with abundance and true prosperity?

This place does exist…when you live a Divinely Inspired Life on Purpose. It’s a place where YOU create the values and purpose that will shape your entire being.

On April 20th, 2011 at 7pm ESD Nick Pfennigwerth from Creative Wealth Building has the pleasure of interviewing three time published expert author Dr. Brad Swift.

He is co-founder of Life on Purpose Institute and has helped thousands of people reinvent themselves to live a Divinely Inspired Life.

Register for the free event here.

Here are some of the topics that are going to be discussed:

1. Common mistakes people make when looking for a life purpose, fulfillment, peace, and happiness…
2. Why live a life on purpose…
3. Practical application for living on purpose…
4. Life purpose and its relationship with attracting money…
5. How a life purpose immensely improves your life…
6. How to live and integrated and whole life where your purpose and values shape your money, relationships, health, spirituality, etc.
…and there’s much, much more.

The event is a Teleclass with available phone lines and Webcast access. However, there are only 100 phone lines and 500 “web seats” available. So make sure you act now and sign-up for the FREE event.

Go to this link and start your Life on Purpose Journey.

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