Defuse Internal Chatter With This…

Ways To Love Your LifeIf you’re anything like me, you might find yourself in places of “continuous action” for long stretches of time. After all, there is always so much that we need to keep “doing”, right?

When I keep that up for too long & don’t attend to my “inner world”, I get to a point where I just hit a wall. That’s when I get that feeling of, “stop the world I want to get off”! 🙂Love Your Life

It’s a strong signal for me to get back to “source”. To return to a place of inner calm, silence and to listen to my intuition.

Today, I spent a little time with Lisa Nichols (online) and did a super effective exercise that she outlines in her short video. I so appreciated this truth exercise, and thought you might too.

Try this out for yourself to defuse internal chatter.

It’s free for you in this video…

One particular piece of wisdom in Lisa’s video really jumped out at me and gave me a much needed spark of renewed energy. I won’t spoil it by telling you now, I’ll let you hear that for yourself. It is at around 2:25 minutes, into her video.

Get back to your core truths with her brilliant exercise and don’t leave it for another day. If you’re feeling even a bit overwhelmed or your internal chatter is taking over, stop right now to make time for this. You will feel so much more empowered and more productive.

Here’s the video link again.

While I have your attention…

I’ll include this special conversation with Marianne Williamson for you as well…

Enjoy both those complimentary gifts and change the way you look at your struggles, forever!

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