Thirty Days to Change Your Life

Effortless Abundance: Thirty Days To Change Your LifeAs Charlie Brown so wisely said, “Nothing seems to change much from day to day, but pretty soon everything’s different”.
Or, “Little by little a person becomes evil, as a water pot is filled by drops of water… Little by little a person becomes good, as a water pot is filled by drops of water.” -Buddha

Just like me, Mark Harrison has recognized the value of the exponential function when it comes to making progress with the things we are wanting to create in our lives. To that end, he has written a book titled, “Effortless Abundance: Thirty Days to Change Your Life“.

Change is the stuff of life, and we naturally develop preference about the variety and vibrancy that it entails. This is the raw material with which we work to create our experience of life.

When you work with the natural flow of the universe, you can become anything you want and experience anything you choose. This idea of the enormous creative power of the individual is a central theme of Mark’s book, and one to which he returns again and again throughout his text.

Mark offers to you the ebook “Effortless Abundance: Thirty Days To Change Your Life” plus the Habit Builder Course and 15 FREE additional e-books, as well as so many more fantastic resources (I’ve had a good look around inside this package, so I know).Change Your Life

Effortless Abundance: Thirty Days To Change Your Life” is a remarkable 30 day program of reading and practical activities which teaches you how to develop the habits necessary to manifest the kind of life you desire.

The course is easy to use, practical and comes bundled with a wide range of resources to ensure you get the maximum possible benefit from what you are learning. You can achieve the life you want – and it’s a lot easier than you think!

To read a little more about Mark, his work, and to get a sense of his style…
Download This FREE eBook by Mark Harrison, “Effortless Abundance” (PDF)

Topics that are covered in the “Effortless Abundance: Thirty Days To Change Your Life” course, include:

The source of all unhappiness.
How to use the power of your own mind to make an enormous difference in your life and experience the life of your dreams.
Using visualization, affirmation and auto-hypnosis to achieve the results you desire.
Personal mission statement and setting goals.
Chapters on money and health.
Being yourself and dealing with other people’s opinions.
The best way to deal with failures and mistakes.
and much more…

“In a year from now, you may wish that you had started today”, so why not start today? It’s the only day you have!


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