Cutting-Edge Techniques to Create a Whole-Life Makeover!

Everything Is Energy World Summit 2011In only 5 minutes of experiencing this, you’ll soon see that… for living a more happy and fulfilled life, this is one of the essential keys!

I have been a big fan of David and Kristin Morelli for some time now. I have often shared about their Intuition Program. They are such a fun and positive couple.

Together, David and Kristin Morelli, created the well known Everything Is Energy Radio Show which has risen to #3 behind Oprah on iTunes with 750,000 subscribers in the last two years.

Why does that matter to you?

These same Morellis have gathered the most cutting-edge, transformational leaders and the most powerful energy tools to dramatically change your life in minutes… and this is free!

Here are some of the topics…Everything Is Energy

  • *Income Rocket: How to Blow the Roof off of Your Income Ceiling
  • *How to Bend-Time & Get SH*T Done
  • *10-Minutes to Endless Energy
  • *End Intimacy Sabotage: Secrets to creating deep connection that lasts
  • PLUS

  • *Three Steps to a Satisfying Sex Life
  • *Passion: Igniting the Missing “Spark” for Fulfillment
  • *Tapping Into a Pain-Free Life: Relief that’s moments away
  • And More…

    Travel is not required, listen from the comfort of your own lounge or office. It’s like a 6-Day Whole-Life Makeover! Six Days with Two Topics each day…

    This is MORE than only information. You’ll actually do the transforming right ON the calls! Plus, David and Kristin promise that they are not pitching us anything on these calls.

    See this short video that will tell you all about it (click the white arrow below)

    Experience 12 Leading Edge Speakers, 12 Hot Topics and 12 Energy Tools!

    These Quick & Easy 5-minute energy tools are so very powerful! Use them, no matter what situation, problem or challenge you are facing.

    Go here & hold your place…

    This will be one of the huge and very important events for 2011. It’s definitely one that’s life changing. You’ll recognize several of the faces of these speakers. They have quite an impressive line up.

    Get there soon because, I know of many others who are emailing this to their large friend lists too.

    You’ll want to save your spot today!

    2 comments for “Cutting-Edge Techniques to Create a Whole-Life Makeover!

    1. 2011/07/26 at 14:25

      Thanks Teddy. Yes, this is one of the really great ones. I’ll definitely be there. 🙂

    2. Teddy - universityofmotivation
      2011/07/26 at 01:28

      Thanks for the info on this summit. Looks like something I will join in on. Always looking for ways to improve & looks like a great event

      Thanks again

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