Building A Foundation Of Personal Power

Live Successfully SystemI’m assuming here that you, just like me, are on the look out for great tools that will help to move you forward with your plans and personal visions in life.

I especially love very practical, step by step courses that easily harmonize with my busy days. I also appreciate tools that are TIMELESS, TRUE AND TESTED. Like you, I want to spend time on the things that work, quickly.

With all this talk about global markets and the troubles we are said to be facing, I know that it’s even more important now, to strengthen & bolster my inner world.

I’ve experienced a few rough financial rides and building a foundation of personal power, plus developing a sense of inner calm, has supported me in moving smoothly through any tough challenges.

ANYWAY, to get to my point!

Two weeks ago I got a letter in the post from Paul Williams, telling me about a magnificent collection of books. These are IMPRESSIVE.

I think it is best and easiest to simply direct you to the website and let Paul tell you all about it.

Now that I have had a good chance to read through this course of books, I REALLY LOOK FORWARD to finally sharing them with you…Live Successfully

I have seen thousands of sites, used lots of products, read many books and have experienced all kinds of programs. I know a good thing when I see it, and THIS IS!

What I most love about these books is that the strategies, concepts and principles are just as powerful today as they were back in the 1930s.

Paul has kept their content ORIGINAL and pure because he couldn’t bear the thought of some editor “hacking” the material to death, in order to modernize it.

The writing is top of its class, very CLEAR & EASY to understand. It was written by professional teachers, doctors & business leaders.

There are no mystical hocus-pocus sentences, this is a practical plan designed for the real world.

Each lesson is a complete book, revealing PRACTICAL principles and strategies in a focused area of success development. See why I have fallen in love with them, here…

Paul is sending one of the physical books to me. Lucky me! Below is PART OF HIS EMAIL reply to me:

Hi Thea,

Thank you for your lovely email, it’s great to hear from you.

I have found you Book #12 and it’s the cleanest example I can find, although it still has a slightly musty smell which just adds to the character! I will wrap this for you now and send it to you, and you’re very welcome.

Of course if there is anything I can help with please do ask, I will be glad to help you in any way I can. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the course and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Kind regards,


I know that YOU TOO, will absolutely love the gift these book are to us all.

The price of these 12 books is ridiculous for the hundreds of pages of LIFE CHANGING content.

I will also receive a percentage of purchases, so you’ll be helping to keep MORE of Forward Steps free, when you choose to buy the books.

Explore all the MANY TOPICS covered in its titles, here…

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