How To Live On 24 Hours A Day

How To Live On 24 Hours A Day Book CoverNot enough time in the day? Not after reading this gem.

“How To Live On 24 Hours A Day” was first published in 1910 and was a major bestseller, as part of a larger work entitled “How To Live”.

Arnold Bennett has some great insights about using time wisely and puts forward proposals for getting more out of our time each day. It is an old book and some examples may not apply to you, its philosophy definitely applies to everyone in the present day.

Bennett says that the old adage “time is money” is an understatement, as time can often produce money however, money cannot produce more time.

Here’s a brief excerpt from How To Live On 24 Hours A Day…

“Which of us lives on twenty-four hours a day? And when I say “lives”, I do not mean exists, nor “muddles through”. Which of us is free from that uneasy feeling that the “great spending departments” of his daily life are not managed as they ought to be? […] Which of us is not saying to himself – which of us has not been saying to himself all his life: “I shall alter that when I have a little more time?” We never shall have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is.”

In “How To Live On 24 Hours A Day”, Bennett addressed the large and growing number of white-collar workers that had accumulated since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

In his view, these workers put in eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, at jobs they did not enjoy, and at worst hated. They worked to make a living, but their daily existence consisted of waking up, getting ready for work, working as little as possible during the work day, going home, unwinding, going to sleep, and repeating the process the next day.

In short, he didn’t believe they were really living.

Does that paragraph from Wikipedia ring a bell with you?

If so, I think you will benefit from Arnold Bennet’s book very much. 🙂

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How to Live on Hours a Day

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