January 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge Update

During this first month of 2012 I have been participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, along with many other bloggers.

To see who has joined us in the challenge, you can visit a list of all the Blog Challenge Members and a handy Blog Directory.

During the month of February 2012 I plan to visit as many of those blog challenge member blogs as I can, to add a comment at each.
During my “comment rounds”, I’ll do my best to find blog posts that are in some way connected to the topics of self improvement or personal development.
Near the end of February, I might write up a post with the blog posts that I most liked and that I think you would also enjoy reading. Meantime, you can go to Twitter and search #blogboost to read many of the blogs that have published posts during the January 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Below is the list of posts that I have already published for the January Challenge:

01 22 Tools To Transform Fear
02 Only For Today! See The Mind Movies Matrix Offer
03 Ultimate Blog Challenge January 2012
04 Life Is Do It Yourself!
05 Choices Decisions Happiness Talent
06 50 incredible trainers and manifestors
07 The Power Of Positive Emotions
08 Get A Free Yoga Starter Kit This Weekend!
09 Dayenu, Enough For Us
10 Awareness Is Just That… Awareness!
11 Quotes From Socrates Said…
12 Success Is Not An Accident: Quotes About Success
13 How To Live On 24 Hours A Day
14 Inspiration For Creating Your Personal Vision
15 Amazing What Coffee Can Teach Us About Life!
16 Successful Work At Home Women
17 Desires, Aspirations, Thoughts and Actions
18 If by Rudyard Kipling
19 Take The Holistic Fitness Quiz
20 It is what it is. Now what am I going to do about it?
21 Who is Running Your Show?
22 Inspired To Start Your Own Online Business?
23 Welcome Year Of The Dragon 2012
24 If You Enjoy The Process, It Is Your Dream!
25 National Thank You Month Is January!
26 Stress Is A Choice: 10 Tips To Ease Tension
27 Adding Curation To Enhance My Self Improvement Content
28 January 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge Update
29 501 Tips & Ideas for Finding More Time
30 Need To Solve A Debt Problem?
31 Create That Large Slice Of Life Still Ahead!

Following, are a few posts I found (using CurationSoft), related to the challenge:

Ultimate Blog Challenge – Weekly Wrap Up | decisiveminds.com


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I will return here to add my remaining three posts for January’s challenge! 🙂


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