How Do You Stay Positive?

how-do-you-stay-positiveHi, I’m writing to you on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, here in Perth, Australia. I’m about to grab my Kindle and join Greg out in the garden, to do some catch up reading! 🙂

Below is quite a long message, yet a very important one, with some fundamentals for our happiness and living a purposeful life.

One of the questions I’m most often asked and that I most often hear at self improvement platforms is, how do you stay positive and focused on your goals when surrounded by negative people at work and negative news media?

In the question itself, we can see a recognition, that by taking care of our personal environment we are actively supporting the achievement of our heart’s desires.

The way that you talk about yourself and your life (your story), has a great deal to do with what shows up in your day-to-day experience. Your thoughts create filters through which you view your life.

If you are sending out negative emotional signals out into the universe, how can you expect something positive in return?

To manifest the life you want, you need to start being happy and joyous and to start feeling good, as much as you possibly can.

Sometimes it’s not possible to get to events or to physically meet up with friends, who are like-minded and positive. Some of us even have very slim opportunities for that. The good news is… “modern technology”. There is no longer any excuse and it’s now very easy, to connect with positive friends who have similar interests.

I will share just a couple of things that I’ve done, just this past week, that have supported me with maintaining my own mind-set and helped keep me aligned with purpose…

FIRSTLY… I listened to the broadcasts by Christian Pankhurst.
If it’s no longer live, I think there will be a replay link inside the video player. 🙂

Christian-Pankhurst-Heart-IQ-CommunityThe messages were powerful and covered the following topics:

Bo Eason on ‘Sharing Your Authentic Story’
Christian Pankhurst on ‘Heart Intelligence and Emotional Manifestation’
Tej Steiner on ‘Heart Circles’
Rachael Jayne Groover on ‘Presence’
Christian Pankhurst on ‘Relational Awareness & Healthy Boundaries’

The replays are active for now and close on Sunday midnight USA Pacific time.

When you are a free member of the Heart IQ Community you get access to them for longer. A quick form for free membership is on the right-hand side of the site.

SECONDLY… I joined a community site at Revelri where I found thousands of like-minded positive people, with a common goal of becoming happier!

revelri-positive-community-videoThe Revelri positive community is completely action-oriented and it will help you:
Improve your relationships
Strengthen your bonds with family
Become a better friend
Improve your relationship with yourself
Improve your health.
Be more in harmony with your environment
Start attracting more joy & happiness
Do your part in making this a better world!
Have LOTS of fun! And much more…

Revelri was free at the time I wrote this, however I think that is changing very, very soon. I recommend getting in there today, BEFORE they change their page to a paid product.

healing-with-the-masters-9LASTLY… This week, I registered for the 9th Healing With The Masters series. This means I will experience a huge amount of life-changing techniques, processes, meditations, invocations & energies through a series of 30 free shows.

Healing With The Masters also gives free access to 7 inspirational and energized videos plus 4 bonus download gifts of powerful energetic healing tools that can be used right now!

NOW… If you’re still uncertain about the influence & power of your environment in causing the results that you want in life, then you MUST revisit this free 9 Environments series.

Jim Bunch’s environments message so resonated with me and it gives THE ANSWERS that I’d give to anyone who asks about staying positive when surrounded by situations that are not always in alignment with our direction.

So, you see… even when you feel surrounded by people and media messages etc., that do everything to drag us away from our sense of personal power and disconnect us from our heart spaces, there are many places that you can regularly visit to reconnect… communicating with other people who are on similar journeys.

Image: Dancing In The Rain by Vera Kratochvil

Enjoy my Happiness Vibes Video to share with friends too! 🙂

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