Make Your Visualizations Fit Into Your Schedule

Favorite Visualization ToolsHere’s a couple of interesting points of interest to guide you.

You might already be aware of them, however it is never a bad idea to be reminded, OFTEN!

I collected these snippets from an interesting article that I read this week…

By engaging in about a month of daily mental re-training immersion, that focuses on achieving your resolutions, you can successfully reset your internal thermostat and smash through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

A NASA study on astronauts shows that it takes approximately 26 to 30 days of daily mental re-training for the subconscious mind to accept any new data as fact.

In that study, astronauts were fitted 24/7 with goggles that inverted their visual field, turning their entire world upside down. To monitor the stress of constant inversion, physiological responses, such as higher blood pressure and heart rate, were tracked. It was not until 26 to 30 days, after first beginning to wear the glasses, that the astronauts began to mentally accept their altered world and show the physical signs of being unstressed and comfortable in the new environment.

The actual neural impulses in your conscious brain travel between 120 and 140 miles per hour, while unconscious impulses travel at nearly 800 times that speed. This allows the unconscious brain to process information at 400 billion bits per second, compared to the measly 2,000 bits per second of our conscious brain.

THEREFORE, to fulfill your resolutions and truly change the underlying beliefs that control your everyday actions, you need to be able to access and influence the incredible power of your subconscious brain.

The problem is that most people have trouble focusing, or finding the time, to sit down for visualizations. Life gets busy & distractions abound!

To help out, I’m sharing 2 of my favorite tools.
These are easy to include in any active lifestyle.

Make your Visualizations Fit Your ScheduleFIRST, try out 5 powerful, transformational audios in the Sound Transformation Kit…

-Enhance learning, ESP and mind power by tuning in to ‘Earth’s 7.83 Hz heartbeat’
-Scientific studies have also shown that this frequency can help relieve stress, accelerate healing and strengthen your immune system
-Think smarter, feel younger and reach extra ordinary levels of performance with cutting edge brainwave entrainment and binaural beats
-Become more tolerant, optimistic and compassionate by balancing your heart chakra with exquisite enhanced chakra relaxation music
-Discover timeless wisdom in A Message from the Future mixed with stunning meditation music
-Boost your confidence and overcome any fears
-Plus, a new free gift each month!


Make your Visualizations Fit Your ScheduleThe SECOND TOOL, I have for you, is created by a team who have pieced together everything to do with successful visualization.

You really do have the inner power to change your reality and it doesn’t have to take years.

-Program your mind to think only positive thoughts (negative thoughts and doubt will slip away, like water off a duck’s back)
-Attract unstoppable wealth into your life
(you’ll find yourself automatically taking the simple actions you need to create wealth with no real “effort” on your part at all)
-Become truly healthy… to eagerly eat the “superfoods” that will feed your body & soul… melt pounds from your waistline & uncover the thinner, more energetic you.
-Discover what “happiness” truly is… (why it’s not what they’ve been selling you on TV) and how to awaken a profound sense of inner calm & purpose
-Live the life you were meant to live


By the way, the article that I read was from Triathlete Europe’s “Swim, Bike, Run 101”. I think you’ll might enjoy reading it too.


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