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You might have heard the joke about…

…a guy who bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: “Free to good home. You want it, you take it.” For three days the fridge sat there without anyone looking twice. He eventually decided that people were too mistrustful of this deal. So he changed the sign to read: “Fridge For Sale – $50.” The next day someone stole it!

I have a time sensitive message about two, FREE series for you.
Bringing energy healing, deep new insights, meditations, latest teachings and… just plain fun!

I do hope you’ll not wait for a price to be put on these free gifts, like in the refrigerator story.

YESTERDAY, I added my name to not miss out on ANY of Jennifer’s “Healing With The Masters” Series 9 free teleseminars. I’ve already listened to the 2 BONUS calls & you’re in for a treat. You can join in and it’s free for you as well.

Healing With The Masters Series 9 brings 32 life changing speakers & 8 inspirational videos, all designed to enliven you and enhance your life.

It is fine to add your name anytime. The last show is 7 June & you’re sent replays!

Each audio show and each video, adds a new aspect of understanding – a new energetic signature raises you up and allows you to find the best practices to create great change.

The 13-week series gives you exclusive access to dozens of the world’s leading experts in spirituality, wellness and healing. Renowned leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Donna Eden Dan Millman, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, don Miguel Ruiz, James Van Praagh, John Gray – 32 in total – all giving you personal insights into how you can accelerate your consciousness and evolution.

Are You ReadyAll you have to do is register.
THEN, take the time to experience 8 free healing videos and more than 32 free live shows (on webcast and replayed).

The best known names in the industry all are there with the soul/sole intention of guiding you to your heart and opening your mind to the power that you are. Plus – you MUST SEE the incredible contest offers there too!

ALSO THIS WEEK, I registered myself for the Spring Forest Healingfest, based on Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong self-study course.

Breathing of the Universe” is just one movement of Spring Forest Qigong to which you’ll be introduced. Practicing that movement heals the lungs and skin while balancing energy outside and inside the body.

When you sign up to Chunyi’s free lessons you’ll learn more about that, as well as…

Spring Forest Healing Qi Gong-The two kinds of energy that forms everything
-How energy blockages in the body cause sickness
-Six common ways that energy becomes blocked
-How to instantly get more energy
-The simplest way to open all energy channels
-How to “breathe” for optimal health
-How your posture affects the flow of energy
-Two sounds that carry powerful healing energy
-How to massage your body by massaging your ears
-How to do the “Sitting Concentration” meditations
-How sleep can be a powerful meditation
-What never to say when helping your friend heal
-How visualization can help your friend to heal
-How not to take on your friend’s sickness
-How to use love as a source for healing

Listen to 10 professionally produced audio sessions (all approx. 30 mins.) and watch a video program (60 mins.), absolutely free…

Each are designed to help you learn the art of self-healing so you can immediately feel better, have much more energy and be happy.

IN 2 WEEKS, I will be letting you know about free video lessons from a brilliant newly packaged collection, created by my favorite people at Mind Movies.

I have ALREADY had an inside peek and you’ll be astonished by what they have for you in 2012! Look out for my emails and blog posts about that, coming soon…

Have you also heard this joke, about…

…a man who, while driving, saw the flash of a traffic camera. He figured that his picture had been taken for exceeding the limit, even though he knew that he was not speeding. Just to be sure, he went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed. Now he began to think that this was quite funny, so he drove even slower as he passed the area again, but the traffic camera again flashed. He tried a fourth time with the same result. He did this a fifth time and was now laughing when the camera flashed as he rolled past, this time at a snail’s pace. TWO WEEKS LATER, he got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt!

How often do we travel through life stepping into the same situations over and over, yet not realizing why it keeps happening for us?

Getting ourselves participating at calls or teleseminars, like the ones I recommended above, are a great way to maybe see something new about circumstances or events that we think of as, “It’s just the way it is!” Add your name to one or all of the calls for fresh insights into the ways that you might be moving through life. 🙂

Get 6 free mind movies that you can start using each day, right now & free.

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