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Image - The Path I Spirit And MindI just bought myself a copy of The Path Book I: Spirit and Mind and …I will also get a copy of the The Path Book II: Mind and Body when that comes out on Kindle.

The Path is the result of asking the fundamental questions of life, and then digging deep for the answers.

Even if you’re a complete novice, The Path teaches you basic science, eventually building upon it to give you deep understanding of the very latest, explosive findings in genetics, neuroscience, game theory, communications theory, applied psychology, anthropology and more.

Image - The Path II Mind And BodyOver the course of two years, while researching and writing The Path, Eric Smith sought out Nobel prizewinners like Eric Kandel and Elizabeth H. Blackburn, and studied lectures from Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Berkeley.

Eric was fortunate to receive feedback, photographs and other information from some of science’s greatest living minds, and spent years painstakingly illustrating and presenting all that he found. University professor Dr. Vicki Swier graciously vetted all the information as well, to ensure its accuracy.

The Path condenses the essence of three dozen books, several hundred lectures, and as many academic papers, bringing you the condensed, deepest, most immediately useful kernels of scientific discovery available – secret research which is so new it has never reached the mainstream public.

Central to “The Path” is the theme of habits, and how to master them. Sigmund Freud once said, “Biology is destiny,” but that’s only part of the equation. “HABIT is destiny,” master your habits and you master your destiny. “The Path” will teach you how, better than any book that has ever existed before.


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