10 Human Drives

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In a short introduction video, Brendon runs through 4 of 10 human drives. 🙂

Our brains are hard wired to meet specific human drives. Learning to harness and activate those drives, is our access to success & happiness.

I suggest you get the book & videos now, while Brendon is giving them away, and before the official release.

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Last year, I read Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect” (a couple of times), he’s another great author and here’s what Darren has to say about Brendon’s NEWEST book:

I look for authenticity and proof when I learn from someone, and I can share that Brendon Burchard is one of the most engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. I’ve always wanted to know how he developed such a remarkably strong internal charge. This book reveals his secrets. If you too want to perform at higher levels of joy, engagement, and productivity – get this book. It’s a must-read for any serious student of success and high performance.

AS WELL, you’ll get the “Charge Life Assessment” which will help you zero in on your areas of passion and competence and design a challenge plan that will help you reach your dream life faster.

He is ONLY giving away 1000 copies…

It’s opening up at 2am in my time zone so I hope there will still be books left over when I get to the site in the morning. 🙂

You, and many others, will be hearing a lot about this – not only from me.

If you have never had the pleasure of watching Brendon Burchard in action, you’re in for a real treat…

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