4 Free Power Gifts For Your Self Education

Today I have 4 free power gifts for your self education. You know how I love to find low cost & free transformational tools. 🙂 These four gifts are all free to access, right now, today.

Choose the one that would most closely fit your next stage of personal growth. Or, visit all four and spread these over your week.

Be mindful that TWO are time-sensitive and really need to be visited TODAY. Here they are…

Image-Accelerated AwakeningAt some point, all of us who’ve been searching for deeper meaning will reach a point where we feel stuck and ask the question, “Is this it?”

To find out just how HEART INTELLIGENCE can transform your world, watch this brilliant free video by Christian Pankhurst.

Watch Christian’s free video here…

Christian’s video, especially the bit about ‘Embodied Awareness’ is amazing. He says he’s taking questions on the blog, so watch and comment. The video will teach you how to get unstuck and connect to another level of mastery & authenticity.

On Sunday May 20th at 2pm EST, 7pm UK, 8pm Europe, Christian will be presenting a complimentary live video broadcast as part of his ‘Heart Intelligence & Authentic Communication’ course that’s happening this week.

That livestream is going to be packed full of insights, inspiration and practical guidance on how to expand your emotional range by connecting to and claiming your shadow and learning how you keep your shadow hidden through your defensive systems and armor.

Image-Woman EnergySECONDLY, we’ve all heard the term “feminine energy” but few of us actually understand what it really is, how it really works, and how to access it.

Crystal Andrus says,”Authentic feminine energy is not only sexy and strong, it is the true power behind the greatest expressions of ourselves as women.

I call it WOMAN energy; it is very different than MOTHER energy. It is receiving versus giving. When we learn how to step fully into our WOMAN energy, we can become unstoppable at anything we desire!

Listen to Crystal’s free call…

Can’t make it live or, did you miss the call? Sign up anyway & she’ll forward you the replay.

Image-See Energy VideoTHIRDLY, below is a must-see NEW video from Brendon Burchard. Incredibly smart & inspiring stuff.

Everyone is struggling to have MORE ENERGY, success & influence these days, so this hits the mark.

A lot of people know Brendon as the motivation guy and the #1 New York Times best-selling author.

Brendon STRUGGLED his way through until he learned these secrets.

Watch him LIVE on Tuesday 15 May at… 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern U.S.

He’s doing an entire SHOW… Get 4 hours of live training for free!

Hope you’re asking yourself Brendon’s six questions for high-performance everyday. 🙂

If you missed them… see his earlier 3 free training videos here!


Brendon is practically giving away $14,792 of training right now as part of the LAST DAY of registration to his coaching course. This expires at MIDNIGHT tonight (15 May)!

Image-Natural HypnosisFOURTH, with this growing collection of hypnosis audios, there’s something which will help you to achieve your goals, RE-WIRE your negative patterns of thinking and perhaps even change your entire life!

Browse a huge collection to help you to gain confidence, increase your motivation and even to help you to achieve success with the law of attraction.

Collect your free hypnosis MP3s here…

All of those albums are available as instant MP3 downloads so that you can be listening and making powerful changes, in minutes.

Image-24HourWealthChallengeA FIFTH AND EXTRA GIFT just flew into my in-box today and I just had to include it here…

My friends at The Ultimate Game of Life have put together a cheat sheet called “100 Ways to Save $1,000 – $2,500 a Month”.

It’s a great resource & free as well! Go grab your copy & check out their upcoming 24 Hour Wealth Challenge.

Image-Cheatsheet24HourWealthChallengeFor the last 10 years, they’ve coached over 10,000 clients and tracked their long term performance – peering into their lives and looking at their finances.

Their research reveals something interesting…

Join this upcoming 24 Hour Wealth Challenge where you’ll get to participate in a FUN, interactive environment with other players to see how much we can cut our expenses in just 24 hours.

You know? The last time they ran this game, a handful of players collectively cut $110,071.31 from their expenses…

How much will YOU save in 1 day?

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