Living in your Desire Comfort Zone

Are you living in your Desire Comfort Zone?

Image - Gina CastellanoYou know the place, where the only desires you think are possible are ones you are accustomed to having, ones you think you can attain with effort and some struggle. You are actually capable of creating at a much higher level yet your habits, like staying in your Desire Comfort Zone, limit what is possible for you.

Desires are not static thoughts, hopes or wishes that are separate from your life experience. The comparative experiences between what you want (desire) and what you are living (life experience) helps you to continue to refine your desires. Desires outside your Desire Comfort Zone can go underground and sabotage your opportunities to live the life you truly want and can create.

You can find your Desire Comfort Zone by writing a list of things you want to Be, Do or Have. The first 20 or so entries will flow easily, and then it will seem that your mind is blank. In fact, you just reached the limits of what you believe is appropriate or possible to desire. The key is to keep writing, focusing on qualities you wish to experience (Be happy, Be creative), things you want to experience (visiting Paris), and things you want to have (a new home).

Image - Journey To You Drream BookWrite them down regardless of whether or not you have any idea how to create such an amazing thing. When you think you are finished, write some more. Dig deep to find your long-buried desires. Keep going until your list has at least 99 things to Be, Do or Have.

The Journey to Your Dream is a guided journal unique among manifestation tools because its transformational process leads you to uncover unconscious habits, like the Desire Comfort Zone, and move beyond them to create consistently at a really high level.

A complimentary teleseminar July 16 at 8 pm central time will guide you through one of the powerful processes to help you deliberately create the life of YOUR dreams.

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