Calm In Any Situation (Guided Mediation)

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The amazing video above, takes you through a guided mediation that illustrates the art of positive thinking and reveals the power of mind.

Calming, relaxing and inspiring, this guided meditation experience walks you through the beautiful process and explains how to be positive and calm in any situation.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development Programme“Sometimes, it is necessary to quiet the mind in order to be able to hear. How can we tune into what is going on outside of ourselves, if it is drowned out by what is going on inside of ourselves? Find your stillness, find your calm, and listen. Allow the universe speak to you.” -Akiroq Brost

Develop the influence of a mental positive attitude through the peaceful practice of meditation.

If you’ve ever wondered why no matter how hard you try you just don’t seem to ever get to where you want to be in life, then this too is a must see, if you want to improve any area of your life…

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Personal development expert, Natalie Ledwell, has released the video, at the link above, to explain why.

We often hear that “letting it go” makes way for new beginnings; that it opens the door to better things in life. While I couldn’t agree more, I feel that we all would be doing more of that if it was easier. Am I right?

Letting it go is easier said than done!

Calm In Any Situation - Forward Steps 1500pxAs much of our stress, frustration, fear and self-doubt are rooted in past events that are ingrained in our subconscious mind, making it very difficult to get rid of them.

They hold us back (and sabotage us) from having the success, peace and happiness we’re completely capable of having.

These beliefs (or Freedom Blockers), are often the reason we feel stuck and frustrated in our finances, careers, health and relationships.

Each of us has a unique one wedged inside our subconscious minds!

Mind Movies has created a free, and blindingly accurate, quiz that instantly reveals your personal Freedom Blocker.

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Sometimes, it is necessary to quiet the mind in order to be able to hear. Click To Tweet

It’s a super revealing 30-second quiz that pulls back the curtain to your number one, personal, Freedom Blocker that’s cheating your mind from living the life you want.

Just answer 8 easy questions to uncover your personal Freedom Blocker, it’s free.

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Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

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Calm In Any Situation (Guided Mediation)