Power Of No For A Better Year Ahead

We are all staring down the barrel of the same reality, our new year is under way and if we want better results, we must deploy BETTER strategies.

So what specifically can you do in order to make this your best year ever?

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What is the single best strategy for knocking the ball out of the park this year?

Is the answer to… work harder? Longer?

C’mon, you and I both know that you don’t stand a chance of succeeding with that strategy, yet that is EXACTLY what the majority of people will do.

Why not do something entirely different this year?

This amazing video provides the strategy you need to get the results you want.

Turn up the speakers, and take notes as you’ll love this profoundly simple, yet powerful message, about the power of no.

This video presents fifteen simple, effective and empowering strategies (personal and professional) that you can use to get results, immediately!

Consisting of two letters and one syllable, the word “No” can be considered to be one of the most powerful words in your vocabulary.

It’s the easiest word for setting a limit, holding firm to boundaries, and being clear about what you will or will not do.

It is a word of pure power that is both inner and out directed, and one that you must implement.

Your success throughout the year requires a short “Yes” list, and a long “No” list.

The key is an awareness and prioritization of your “Yes” list, and firm boundaries around your “No” list as quickly as possible.

For each day of your life, you must resolve to give “NO” the strategic resolve it deserves! Pay it forward and pass this message along!

Use these next 20 Questions For New Year to give you a head start.

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