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So many great quality free personal development gifts! Enjoy this collection. #forwardsteps http://www.forwardstepsblog.com/free-personal-development-gifts
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    I checked your email address in my subscriber’s lists and here is what I see: https://imageshack.com/a/img924/8325/G2Wl0i.png
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    If you mean one of the gift books in the selection from my friends, above…
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  • I don’t seem to get the free e-books…. I just get sent to fill out my email address and nothing ever shows up. I have checked my spam folder and again nothing is there

  • Thank you very much, Seneca. 🙂

  • New fan here! Thank you for all you do for your readers Thea, I’ve just stumbled upon your site and there’s a large abundance of useful and effective content here. I look forward to digging deeper into all these goodies waiting for the world to discover.

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    Without knowing our potentials we are wasting our time,energy and money.
    If we organize ourselves with the guidences here in this blog so many good things will happen to us.

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