Life Is A Bunch Of Accidents

Life Is A Bunch Of Accidents video by Thea Westra at Forward Steps

Life is a bunch of accidents that happen to you and… somehow you survive them by taking advantage of them. Then something magical happens and viola! You have the beginning of your dream.

But the accidents are the result of an intention …an intention created from a dream you are passionate about. So passionate, so strong is your passion that the energy of it fuels your intention. When it becomes so strong that not even the Universe can deny it …that’s when the “accidents” take place.

The double-edged sword, the element that makes it all happen & that binds it all together …you have to be okay if it doesn’t happen!

It’s the excitement of the possibility of the adventure, of the nothingness. You must be willing to trade what you have, which may look great but feels wrong …for this nothing, that could be something.

It’s the excitement of having the courage to leave behind what you have …for the possibility of what could be. You must be able to let go of what you have. You must not need it or let it define who you are. You must be okay without it and you must be okay if …the nothing turns into that, just nothing.

You become okay with the decision simply because you made the decision! It’s the act of leaving what isn’t supporting you… for the possibility of something better… that makes you like yourself more for simply making this decision.

What’s my dream? How do you recognize your true dream… from all the other wants and desires in your life?

If you enjoy the process, it’s your dream! If you are enduring the process, desperate for the result… then it’s somebody else’s dream! -Salma Hayek

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