10 Self Improvement Apps To Try

10 self improvement apps to download free or to buy at iTunes

Self Improvement Apps article image 1 1500Christopher Westra has been a long time online buddy of mine. Many people believe we’re related because of our surname, however we’ve never been able to track down how we might be.

Like me, Christopher has spent several years online and creating self improvement content, as well as published books. Recently, he has developed the new skill of creating apps for your iphone and ipad.

I use all of these self improvement apps myself and it was high time that I shared them with you.

I’ll present a little list with descriptions, here below for you.

7 Self Improvement Apps To Try - 101 Best Creating Reality QuotesGet these (ad) 101 Best Creating Reality Quotes which are the 101 of the best manifesting quotations from (ad) I Create Reality – Beyond Visualization. Each is presented on a background picture that is fun and memorable. You can share the quotes (and images now) by text or email. Enjoy sharing these empowering quotes with others in your life. The better your abilities at creating reality, the better you are able to learn, solve problems, build joyful relationships, and help others. This app is free, so take a look!

Self Improvement Apps - 365 forward steps appEach of these (ad) 365 Forward Steps is a life power tip for the day, providing a suggestion to personally consider, contemplate, or question. These are a short, simple note with a focus point that gives you poignant food for thought, by giving you daily, quick and inspiring snippets that you can take on board, in any moment. You can flick through, treating the 365 Forward Steps like a deck of cards, and scan through for fast inspiration, motivation, and ideas. Use the 365 Forward Steps app as your springboard to fresh insights and new ideas. Each day’s messages and tools can trigger brand new thoughts.

Self Improvement Apps - 365 life power questions app Each of these (ad) 365 Life Power Questions is intended to inspire you, to provide a focus for empowering you during the course of your day, and beyond. Questions are the gateway to getting unstuck! Our learning and development is about the questions that we ask, and answers we find on that journey. They are our key to having breakthroughs and opening up our thoughts of ‘Aha!’ Questions help you examine your life and get you in touch with what you want. The right questions will put you back in the driver’s seat and direct your focus on solutions.

Self Improvement Apps icon 60 secondsUse the next 60 seconds to have some fun and see how “programmed” your mind is! These 10 questions may seem simple. How many can you and your friends get right? This (ad) Fun Mind Quiz is mostly just for fun, but you can learn a lot about your thinking style, and actually become more clear and focused and powerful with your thoughts. Christopher has used this quiz with thousands of people over the last 20 years in his counseling and teaching, to help them question their automatic (or programmed) thoughts.

Self Improvement Apps icon i create realityGet the full audiobook version of (ad) I Create Reality Manifesting. How you can use Holographic Creation to easily manifest your desires, even if you lack visualizing skills! A holistic visual studio for your mind. Creating reality holographically is “beyond visualization”. A manifestation classic for over ten years. Imagine learning how to create Baby Holograms of your desires out of light and sound. These are real entities created with your thought power. Achieve your dreams as your personal power accelerates.

Self Improvement Apps icon 277 action verbsLive with confidence, act with power, and speak with authority with these (ad) 277 Action Verbs and sample sentences for you to use. You can also add your own verbs and sample sentences. Increase your persuasive ability, transform your income and personal power, and improve your relationships. Yes, you can do all this and much more when you write and speak with action verbs! This app is very easy to use. Keep these power words at your fingertips as you integrate them into your writing and speaking.

Self Improvement Apps icon holographic timeGet the full audiobook version of (ad) Realms of Joy: Time of Light. Now you can master holographic time to gain peace, happiness, and wealth. Try these holographic time exercises to help you live in joy and light. Realms of Joy is a companion book to Christopher Westra’s I Create Reality book and app, and best used together. Those who understand and live in holographic time become much more skilled at manifesting their dreams and desires. How you choose to perceive “time” is the foundation for how you see yourself and the world.

Self Improvement Apps icon wake upThis Wake Up Energy App will boost your alertness. Use this (ad) Blue Wake Up Energy app for focus, vitality, and more! Achieve the vital health and vigor you desire. Use this app in the morning, on cloudy days, or in boring meetings, to wake you up! If you are in a meeting, turn your sound down. For thousands of years, our circadian rhythms have remained in sync with the earth’s day and night rhythm. One major signal is the blue sky in the day time, signaling our bodies that it’s time to be awake.

Self Improvement Apps icon positive emotionsGet the best (ad) Positive Emotion Words with definitions, for children, parents, counselors, teachers, and everyone. Increase your Emotional IQ, manifesting skills, and relationships. As you learn to name your emotions, you become more skilled at creating emotions you desire. You can use this list of emotions and definitions to help expand your awareness. The more positive emotions you can feel and create and resonate with, the more successful you will be at manifesting what you want in life.

Self Improvement Apps icon negative emotionsNow, why would you want a (ad) Negative Emotions List? Well, I’ll tell you. It is all fine and dandy to know your positive emotions and increase your Emotional I.Q. that way. You can also use the positive emotion words to literally increase your manifesting skills! However, negative emotions are a part of our earth experience also, so let me give you a little tip. The fastest way to get over and through your negative emotions (to more positive emotions) is to identify them, feel them fully, and then let them change into something else.

Self Improvement Apps article image 2 1500You can also collect the (ad) Manifesting Power Bundle which consists of Christopher Westra’s Full Audiobooks of “I Create Reality Manifesting – How to Manifest Your Desires with Holographic Creation” and “Realms of Joy – Time of Light – How you can master Holographic Time to gain peace, happiness, and wealth”.

As well, collect Christopher’s (ad) Emotion Intelligence Bundle consisting of Christopher Westra’s Positive Emotions List App and Negative Emotion Lists App.

Plus, you can explore all these apps, all in the one place, at (ad) this link here.

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