Thought Provoking Questions & Relationships

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Thought provoking questions really can change everything, in a flash…

In this ever changing and fast moving world, with all its wonderfully new gadgets, it does seem that we are losing the very thing that gives meaning to our lives.

According to psychiatrist and fourth director of Harvard’s Longest Study on Happiness, Robert Waldinger, happiness comes from just one surprising thing …great relationships.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeDo you ever find it a little challenging to start a conversation with someone you’ve only just met, getting more closely connected with friends on a deeper level, striking up meaningful conversations with your partner, children or work colleagues?

I’ve discovered at tool to help you quickly move from feeling awkward or disconnected, to being able to create deep and meaningful conversations, no matter who’s in front of you.

This (ad) Get Real app helps you to connect with people you care about, and surprisingly quickly.

It’s packed with questions that open up your heart, producing a little bit of vulnerability so you can connect in minutes, in a way that normally might take weeks or even months.

The Get Real app presents many thought provoking questions, for going deeper in any conversation or relationship.

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Use it every day, to connect with friends, partners, children, parents, lovers, co-workers, staff and strangers.

These thought provoking questions can be used as great ice-breakers, conversation starters, dating questions and are amazing for team building, teachers and classrooms.

(ad) Get Real app questions take you way deeper than regular day to day chat, creating more authenticity, rapport and intimacy.

When you’ve downloaded this app, simply choose a category, then scroll through until you find a question with which you really connect.

Thought Provoking Questions Img 1Ask it and listen for the other person’s answer, thank them and pass the phone.

They then scroll through and find a question to ask you.

That’s how simply this works.

It’s perfect to use on a date, if you’re at a family gathering, if you want to go deeper with a partner.

If you want to spice up your sex life use the sexuality questions.

Use the team-building category if you want to connect with co-workers and staff.

You can even use this with people you’ve just met.

You may find it weird asking parents, siblings, friends or even your partner, “Let’s get intimate and vulnerable?” Yet, you can easily, say to anyone, “Let’s play a game!”

This unique app is available for iPhone and Android.

Start getting more real with the people in your life.

For getting us all better related, meet the 2 guys who developed the app…

Gregory Kellett is a leader in the field of human potential. His obsession for merging the worlds of neuroscience and optimal performance has led him to help individuals and organizations build resilience. Gregory has a Master’s in neuroscience, & prior to coaching, conducted research in brain responsiveness, stress & the nervous system for over 10 years (at SFSU and the UCSF). He is known for his unique ability to translate scientific research into simple, practical tools for real world success and satisfaction.

David Wood, is a former actuary and management consultant, David Wood is a certified life and business coach with a passion for internet marketing. He has also been a certified snowboarding instructor, squash instructor and State 3 Player, hang glider pilot and stand-up comedian. He’s been able to create a six-figure business doing what he loves, and now helps coaches and other professionals build their businesses and create passive revenue streams.

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Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

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Thought Provoking Questions & Relationships