Relationships And Communication Technique

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Dr. Hal Stone & Dr. Sidra Stone are two brilliant American PhD’s in Psychology who between them, have spent over 70 years understanding how relationships and human transformation works.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeTheir system is called (ad) Voice Dialogue and has many wonderful benefits:

– Discover the many parts or “selves” that make up your personality

– Learn how those “selves” influence your relationships, self-confidence, career & creativity

– Grow closer in your personal relationships and marriage

– Attract the right person to have a relationship with

– Increase intimacy, experience real love and increase the heart connection with your partner

– Uncover the real reasons why so many relationships go into a downward spiral and what to do about this

– Become very attractive, as well as growing into a more whole & balanced person

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– Learn about the power of your mind over your health

– Crack the code of your own dreams, and see how they can become a teacher for you

– Discover a powerful & unique self development technique that can deepen your relationships and communication abilities, plus each aspect of your life.

You will enjoy The Voice Dialogue Series. Here’s a trailer…

(ad) The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series with Drs Hal & Sidra Stone from John Coroneos on Vimeo.

(ad) Voice Dialogue is a jewel among techniques because almost anyone, with proper training, can learn how to do it.

It is an exciting and extraordinary way to understand ourselves and, like most great discoveries, is remarkably simple.

Relationships And Communication article post image 1It is based on the fact that sub-personalities express themselves as voices within the mind, as well as energies within the psyche, and they can communicate if encouraged to.

This communication can be verbally, emotionally, physically and energetically expressed.

This simple realization has opened the way to this very new form of inner exploration.

It quickly allows experiences of the multidimensional, and structural realities of the personality, as well as the ability to directly comprehend and resolve the numerous issues which arise in relationships of any type.

The quality of understanding, which spontaneously arises in a person practicing this process, is awe inspiring in its speed and depth.

Relationships And Communication article post image 2It is a system which is easily learned and, once put into practice, gives a profound and permanent insight into the workings of the mind.

It is a tremendous help in every area of human interaction and communication, particularly personal relationships.

Perhaps the most practical benefit of (ad) Voice Dialogue is that the insights and behavioral realizations are permanent. It is very hard to regress to a lesser state of awareness.

As the awareness and perceptions start to flow, the practitioner can then integrate newly discovered behaviors into their lives, often developing more powerful and fulfilling ways of self expression and being.

Another advantage is that (ad) Voice Dialogue can be integrated into any psychological process or technique.

Relationships And Communication article post image 3It was always envisioned by Hal and Sidra Stone that the method could be integrated into any theoretical system, just as the theory of the psychology of selves could be used by anyone who took the time to learn about it.

There is also no certification of practitioners involved in the use of (ad) Voice Dialogue.

Voice Dialogue is a powerful and practical tool. It can enhance the skills and abilities of every practitioner, so allowing them to assist their students, patients and clients very effectively.

It is fast, safe and rewarding in a way that few methods are.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is that it improves and strengthens the practitioner’s own abilities to relate and communicate, and grants them a greater awareness of themselves and others, which can significantly improve their life.

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Relationships And Communication TechniqueRelationships And Communication TechniqueRelationships And Communication Technique