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There are many consciousness teachers around today, yet not all have the intelligence, insight, humor, personal experience and academic training as (ad) Ram Dass.

Forward Steps - Illusion of Limitation free audio MP3 Guy Finley 1000pxRam Dass, one of America’s most beloved spiritual figures, has made his mark on the world giving teachings and promoting loving service, harmonious business practices, and conscious care for the dying.

His spirit has been a guiding light for four generations, carrying millions along on the journey, helping free them from their bonds as he has worked his way through his own.

He is recognized as the teacher’s teacher and celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people, whose lives he inspired.

Perhaps you have had times where you (ad) perceived life in a totally different way or maybe you believe that there must be realms of experience and perception, far greater and more amazing than those of everyday life.

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Have you heard there are people who have entered into ecstasy, bliss and euphoria, without drugs or extreme practices, and who speak of these as the true state for every human being?

States Of Consciousness blog post article image 2Maybe you practice yoga, meditation, martial arts or are interested in true self development or follow a spiritual path, in the hope of gaining insight into the secret of life or contacting and using a far higher intelligence.

Are you interested in higher potentials of the mind, and revealing powers of creativity and insight, from deep within yourself, which will put you on the same levels as geniuses and exalted beings from all ages?

This 80 minute interview and documentary is designed to allow you to be present at a conversation you will never be able to hear anywhere again.

Enjoy (ad) viewing this Ecstatic States documentary. Here’s a snippet… 

It is filled with information about how your mind works, and can radically alter your perception of what your life has to offer you.

It is all explained in a way which is very easy to understand.

Coupled with beautiful and rare images from India, and 3D graphics to enrich his stories and explanations, you have a unique and brilliant video experience with the most influential and perceptive teacher of human potentials.

States Of Consciousness blog post article image 1Ram Dass distills a lifetime of knowledge and experience (ad) into one 80 minute DVD, which covers in the clearest possible way, the goal and real potentials of human life.

Originally a Psychology Professor at Harvard University, Ram Dass (Dr Richard Alpert), along with Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, influenced a whole generation of people about higher powers of the mind, expanded states of consciousness and ecstatic states.

He based it all in a scientific, methodical and rational framework and so allowed these deep and most meaningful human experiences, to be available to anyone interested in exploring them.

His discoveries have greatly increased understanding of the psyche and consciousness and have significantly enhanced countless people’s lives.

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Experience Altered States Of ConsciousnessExperience Altered States Of ConsciousnessExperience Altered States Of Consciousness