Eight Pillars Of Prosperity By James Allen

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This book is incredibly overlooked and underrated, most probably because James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh is so popular.

Here are two quotes from the Eight Pillars of Prosperity book, to give you a sense of content…

“The person who gets up early in order to think and plan, so that he may weigh and consider and forecast, will always manifest greater skill and success in his particular pursuit, than the person who stays in bed till the last moment, and only gets up just in time to start breakfast.”

Eight Pillars Of Prosperity - Forward Steps image_1“It is impossible for one to fail who is full of energy, who carefully manages his time and money, and virtuously preserves his vitality, who practices unswerving integrity and who systematizes his work by first systematizing his mind.”

Allen describes the eight key pillars that lift prosperous people to higher callings and greater successes.

James Allen’s Eight Pillars of Prosperity offers some of the most insightful revelations on how true prosperity is acquired.

I believe that this is the last book Allen wrote before he died…

The roof of prosperity is raised and made secure upon the pillars by which it is supported.

First pillar – Energy

All skill is the use of concentrated energy. We receive according to the measure of our giving.

Second pillar – Economy

Apportion to everything its time and place. The day is not lengthened for any person.
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Third pillar – Integrity

Integrity must embrace the whole, extending to all details of life. Honest methods and actions will endure the light of day.

Fourth pillar – System

On the principle of order, confusion is rendered impossible. A system makes easy that which was difficult.

Fifth pillar – Sympathy

Sympathetic insight lifts us into consciousness. Sympathy springs from acquaintance with the profoundest experiences.

Sixth pillar – Sincerity

A universal falseness would beget a universal mistrust. It has an inaudible sound inwardly heard and instinctively detected.

Seventh pillar – Impartiality

Prejudice is a shutting of the mind against the entrance of new light. Wisdom is many sided. The wise person adapts themself to others.

Eighth pillar – Self-reliance

Relying upon our own light we have but to keep it burning. No one believes in those who do not believe in themselves.

The first four Pillars must be well built before the other four can stand secure.

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Eight Pillars Of Prosperity By James Allen