Why Identifying As Your Spirit is a Need

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Why Identifying As Your Spirit is a Need is an article contributed by Chrysanthemum Baloi.

The human journey is filled with a strong realization of emotions and thoughts. As we navigate our human journey, we often find ourselves deeply entwined with our thoughts and emotions.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageClaiming to be your thoughts and emotions is an inaccurate representation of your reality.

You cannot be thinking a thought if you are the thought itself, as you cannot be feeling the emotion if the emotion is you.

You are the thinker and the feeler and not the very thought or emotion. You are not the mind where thought and emotion emerge.

You, the human being, are a spirit. A human spirit not only possesses a body, but it possesses a soul as well. For the soul is the mental and emotional self, the psychological self.

You have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. -Osho Share on X

The soul is a representation of your upbringing and life’s decisions and results, who you perceive to have become.

In living life identifying as a spirit, you realize that you are not defined by your thoughts and should not be overwhelmed by your emotions.

Forward Steps - Identifying As Your Spirit quote_1 - 1500pxBeing one with your emotions and thoughts empowers and prolongs them.

When you’re frustrated through emotion and you become that frustration it overtakes your whole body. Your actions are ones of frustration, as well as your thoughts and words.

Detaching from the feeling of frustration will have frustration stay an emotion and not ooze into influencing your thoughts, words, actions and your whole being.

You can achieve this detachment by simply recognizing and accepting that you feel frustration in your body.

Accepting frustration as an emotion you’re feeling locks it in to stay an emotion, instead of you becoming that emotion.

One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. -Steve Maraboli Share on X

If you proclaim an emotion to be an emotion and you know you’re not your emotions you become detached from the emotion as a result.

If you know you are detached from an emotion because you are not the emotion itself, you feel the emotion through acceptance as it depletes. For it is known that emotions are ever fleeting.

Forward Steps - Identifying As Your Spirit quote_2 - 1500pxWhich brings me to how detrimental being one with your emotions may be, as they are ever coming and going.

You may be unable to truly live your life because you are too busy being controlled by emotions and thoughts.

You are the controller and master of what you possess. You the spirit are who decides what you do with the emotions and thoughts you feel and think. They come to be known by you, not to become you.

If you the spirit, the thinker and the feeler decide to stay calm as an unpleasant emotion overwhelms you, that emotion will receive your message and you will surely become more calm until you are fully calm.

When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you. -Stephen Richards Share on X

Emotions and thoughts overtake your being because no authority tells them not to. In truth, there is an authority that allows them to overtake the human being as a whole and that authority or lack of authority is you the spirit.

We have been taught to feel our emotions and not run away from them, but this may have implied that we must become one with our emotions.

Forward Steps - Identifying As Your Spirit quote_3 - 1500pxHowever, in logic, if I’m feeling an emotion it means I am not the emotion as it is a separate entity happening to me that I am acknowledging by doing the practice of feeling it.

Even as I practice feeling my emotions I am most detached from them. Since emotions and thoughts are intertwined, the same principle applies to both.

Your thoughts become your reality because there’s an authority that allows them to become so.

If the authority acknowledged, accepted and proclaimed the thought to just be a thought, that you are not me so you cannot depict what my moment is, the thought would heed that authority and you would not react to its power over you. For you would not have given it power, you would remain with your power.

The only place the mind will ever find peace is inside the silence of the heart. That's where you need to go. -Elizabeth Gilbert Share on X

Living life as a spirit equates to living a spiritual life. Spiritual life is where enlightenment is achieved. Enlightenment is the answer to any question this day and age may have.

The bliss of a spiritual life is enlightenment. Enlightenment frees you from the mundane and illusory aspects of life.

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Chrysanthemum Baloi - Why Identifying As Your Spirit is a Need profile image at Forward StepsChrysanthemum Baloi is a spiritual enlightenment, personal development, mental and wholesome health blogger at (ad) In Milky Way.

Having reached enlightenment it is her mission to help others reach enlightenment to achieve true freedom, healing and inner peace.

Chrysanthemum wrote an ebook (published on Amazon) called (ad) Mental Health Resource: A Guide to Wholesome Mental Health that enlightens individuals on how to achieve lifelong mental health.

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Why Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a NeedWhy Identifying As Your Spirit is a Need