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About The 365 Forward Steps eBook...

Each of these 365 Forward Steps is a life power tip for the day, providing a suggestion to personally consider, contemplate, or question.

These are a short, simple note with a focus point that gives you poignant food for thought.

Nowadays, we live with expectations of instant access, we have a throw away culture. We want it instantly, right now, and at our fingertips!

The 365 Forward Steps cater to that somewhat, by giving you daily, quick and inspiring snippets that you can take on board, in any moment.

You can flick through, treating the 365 Forward Steps just like you might a deck of cards, and scan through for fast inspiration, motivation, and ideas.

If you take up all 365 Forward Steps, incrementally your life will certainly look very different by the end of a complete year.

What is the most impactful, empowering life advice or power tip that you have ever read or heard?

Sending this to Thea will help her create a new list of life tips to publish free as a gift to you. Your name and email will ONLY be used to send you a single email, today.

Use each Forward Step as a part of your morning ritual, making time to pause with each for that day.

Allow the content of each Forward Step to really settle in. Contemplate for a moment, what you just read and consider one action to match the idea being presented. Take those actions, and on that day.

You do not need to take the specific actions as listed in this ebook. Alternative actions may jump out at you, during your reflective time with each Forward Step.

There is no failing here, there is only an opportunity to take the ideas and tips for a test drive. Check in if they are something you want to keep or, from which you could learn.

If any of the 365 Forward Steps are already a part of your usual routine or are not enough of a challenge, then look for an alternative way to frame that day's tip, so that you will be stretched a little by it.

The 365 Forward Steps are intended to be taken lightly, and never to be viewed super seriously. It is up to you, of course, how you want to perceive its contents.

Enjoying the 365 Forward Steps ebook, with its ultimate collection of life tips, is far preferable than to see it as a literal collection of rules by which you must live each day! Do not take too many of them literally.

Use the 365 Forward Steps ebook as your springboard to fresh insights and new ideas. Each day's messages will trigger brand new thoughts.

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Forward Steps adds wings to our unique life journey!

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