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About The 365 Life Power Questions eBook...

Each of these 365 life power questions is intended to inspire you, to provide a focus for empowering you during the course of your day, and beyond.

There are two powerful ways to improve our experience of life. We can make changes and step into new things… walking away from things that no longer serve us. Creating brand new, empowering experiences.

We could also not change at all, leaving everything as it is. Choosing instead, to increase awareness and open up fresh insights… which shift our perspective on what we observe.

Both can take us to places we never expected!

Either way, we need to step forward & take action. Else there would be nothing to change or observe.

In the moments when we find ourselves immobilized, introduce powerful questions to the mind and our brain will shift into gear for finding answers. It will keep working until an answer is found, even when we are not aware of it.

Questions are your gateway to getting unstuck!

Our learning and development is about the questions that we ask, and answers we find on that journey.

Questions are our key to having breakthroughs and opening up our thoughts of ‘Aha!’ Questions help you examine your life and get you in touch with what you want.

Reframing any disempowering thought as a question is an excellent way to instantly change how we feel. The right questions will put you back in the driver’s seat and direct your focus on solutions.

Now, let's unveil what next to do for your success!

Experience the life changing results that can happen when you apply what you learn here, to your life.

These 365 questions are an excellent tool for getting “clear of trees”, giving a magnificent view of the “woods”!

The following are only a few of the many benefits. These were gleaned from comments by people who’ve already used these questions.

Imagine achieving these…

- Understand what you really want
- Identify your highest priorities
- Define your goals more clearly
- Discover what next to do for success
- Build up courage to do as you wish
- Apply the first step toward your goals
- Achieve clarity of focus
- End procrastination
- Turn restlessness to calm
- Leave less to chance and luck
- Discover and attract fresh ideas
- Learn more about yourself
- Maximize time on what’s important
- Plus, so much more…

The purpose of self reflection is to expose things that might not always be in clear view. We become quite expert at keeping secrets from our conscious mind.

Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire.

Questions are a powerful tool for opening up those areas we’ve been wanting to avoid. Once exposed, we can immediately identify where to begin work and start taking action towards positive change.

With each question, once answered, record a possible action for stepping forward.

These 365 questions can help to make unconscious things, conscious.

Revisit these questions regularly because life circumstances often change.

Answering them often “peels those layers of the onion” that are our experiences, which compound to give us a particular view on life.

Breaking down your work into questions, makes the task of self improvement less daunting and gives you specific areas of focus for change & action.

Give your brain a question and it will work on answers

Our responses, to even simplest of questions, can surprise with breakthrough-producing, insights.

Use each page as a part of your morning ritual, then take time to pause with each question for that day. Let each question really settle in.

Contemplate for a moment, what you just read and consider one action to match the question being presented. Take those actions, and on that day.

Alternative actions may also jump out at you, during your reflective time with each question.

There is no failing here, there is only an opportunity to take your thoughts for a test drive, seeing if they are something you want to keep or, from which you could learn.

This book is supposed to be taken lightly, and never to be taken super seriously. It is up to you, of course, how you want to perceive its contents.

Use the book's questions as your springboard to fresh insights and new ideas.

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Forward Steps adds wings to our unique life journey!

Immediately following your ONCE ONLY payment, you will be sent an email that delivers your Personally Unique Password, giving you INSTANT access to your 365 Life Power Questions eBook.

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Forward Steps adds wings to our unique life journey!

Immediately following your ONCE ONLY payment, you will be sent an email that delivers your Personally Unique Password, giving you INSTANT access to your 365 Life Power Questions eBook.

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