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Enjoy these popular personal development and self improvement resources. Once I remove the most recent free gifts from the main free self improvement gifts list, then I place them below, so you can access those which remain available. You can add your details to most sites, even if you are late. You might then be sent the recording or free download, and be updated when the next becomes available.

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Events, ebooks or programs from friends or acquaintances of mine. See a regular stream of some recent extra emails that I have sent to Forward Steps subscribers. More often than not, these too include free self growth gifts. Check these regularly, many have expiry dates.

Hop over and check out this collection of Forward Steps positive products as well.

Free self improvement ebooks with a collection of 50+ PDF ebooks and 800+ inspirational quote images that you can share on social media profiles with your friends. At the page, you can see a long list of the ebooks that are included as gifts to you.

This 4-part Video Training reveals a strategy you can use to bring your spirit, emotions, mind and body together in alignment so that accomplishing your goals becomes easy… almost automatic. Discover your personal path to financial freedom.

Amplify The Power Of Your Intuition so that you can use your “gut instinct” to make better decisions, and live your life with greater clarity, confidence and ease. Learn how to fully harness your intuition, as you were meant to.

Use hypnosis to literally ‘rewire’ your brain to activate the law of attraction, automatically. It’s easy too: all you have to do is listen to a relaxing hypnotic MP3. Stop for a moment & think, do you have something in your life that hypnosis could help you change or improve? Claim your no-cost hypnosis MP3.

Use this free, life success toolkit for manifesting the unlimited life success you deserve. It’s an entire bag of “done for you” goodies born from the most raw, real and revolutionary Law of Attraction breakthroughs being discovered.

Download your free Zen12 Brainwave Meditation Program & get 1-hour of advanced meditation in 12 mins. Meditation is a chore, unless you do this.

Take this free success quiz to discover your inner success blockers which are silently sabotaging your success. You’ll be surprised once you find out what yours is! In fact, many events from your past will immediately make a lot more sense.

Free manifestation book and mp3 This exciting, life-changing “Manifestation Breakthrough” Kit was created by, law of attraction expert and author, Heather Matthews. It includes a special report, a short video and an mp3 audio file to manifest you your dream life.

Free subliminal mind power video that is easy to use and ignites the processes for your transformation. Gain access to this powerful ‘feel good boosting’ video and increase your potential in as little as 5 short minutes a day.

Free Bounce Back Big ebook for you to download. Learn how to overcome challenges in your life and bounce back bigger and brighter than ever before. Discover the miracle blueprint to turn your life around fast and achieve your wildest dreams!

Circulate more Qi to weaker parts of the body, use specific sounds to activate your organs, engage with Qigong to transform and release emotions. Discover how to connect with the powerful energy (Qi) that supports and nourishes your body.

Activate your best self & erase doubt so you have many magical moments where you say, “I love my life!” Attend free 75-minute DreamBuilder Training. Discover the difference between living by design and living by default.

Learn the truth about prosperity in this free movie series. It is completely free to watch, featuring respected success leaders & entrepreneurial experts, who reveal revolutionary techniques to help you finally breakthrough limiting thoughts and beliefs around money.

Deep Acceptance guided meditation evaporates stress, keeps you calm, and boosts your mental clarity, creativity and intuition. This guided meditation makes it easy and enjoyable to get all these benefits… without falling asleep, or getting distracted by the chatter in your head.

Love or Above Energetic Breakthrough Kit or get the a 60-minute training session that will help you understand the concept of vibrations, your personal energetic frequency, and the energetic tools you need to raise it. Both those free gifts are at that page.

4 commonly asked questions about self-limiting beliefs are answered In this short episode of this popular weekly web show. Listen to this show, free today. Plus get an $87 video e-course for free and a $97 ticket, as bonuses.

Interact with teachers to guide you into not only managing life challenges, but move into a state of grace and ease no matter what shows up. This is a free online event, not to be missed!

Feast your hungry brain on more than 1,000 non-fiction book summaries. Blinkist offers key insights from non-fiction books in powerful 15-minute reads. Get actionable inspiration from today’s top thinkers during your commute, waiting in line, or anywhere you are. For a detailed review and recommendations, (ad) see this review by Satori Studio.

Phenomenal free masterclass with the legendary healer Carol Tuttle, on a relatively new energy healing technique. Uncover the secrets to programming all four of your energy bodies for never-ending affluence. This is the key to rapid transformation of your finances!

Free communication tools you can use in your relationship. If you’re struggling with communication problems… or if your relationship constantly feels tense, do yourself a favor… go grab this free Relationship Help mini-course. This is 100% pure valuable content.

5 essential success codes to activate your “signature for success”. Once you register and access this third webinar in the series, there is an extra special, free healing-into-success gift at the end. Fully ignite your unique alchemy for prosperity and wealth.

See this new movie called iTHINK: Change Your Perception, Change Your Life. Explore how you can break free from your old, limiting thoughts in order to live a life filled with prosperity, passion & peace.

Free Subliminal360 software tour Use flashing messages to reprogram your subconscious, and get a free gift of 5 x Brain Hacker brainwave MP3s.

Radically shift your mindset to begin experiencing massive success, unshakeable confidence, and a sense of happiness that no obstacle can destroy. What stands between you and your peak potential is one simple breakthrough, during this free masterclass.

Deep Acceptance Guided Meditation evaporates stress, keeps you calm, and boosts your mental clarity, creativity and intuition. This guided meditation makes it easy and enjoyable to get all these benefits… without falling asleep, or getting distracted by the chatter in your head.

Attract prosperous coincidences Watch the Prosperity Formula video and discover the key to a lifetime of holistic abundance. Discover 6 ancient power words containing a vibrational “blueprint”.

Hear directly from Morry about his new breakthrough technology “Brainprints”, and how you can use it to rewrite the blueprint of your brain for wealth, health, success and happiness. Attend this live webinar on a brand new subliminal technology called BrainPrints.

Enjoy 495 positive quote images and you can even share them at your social profiles, email as an ecard to a friend, download to your computer, send by postal mail as a physical print to a friend, or send by postal mail as a physical card to a friend.

Clear out your chakras and harness the power of your energy centers for balanced living. Learn how it works and why this system is so effective by accepting this free download of “The Success Activation Point” by Stephanie Mulac.

Manifest realistically so you don’t wind up with a heartbreaking collage of unfulfilled wishes. Experience each vision as if it were already happening so you magnetically attract wonderful opportunities.

Try this Purpose Quiz that will tell you how aligned you are, and how you can get more aligned if your score isn’t as high as you’d like it to be. You may discover that more of what you’re doing in your life is connected to your purpose than you realize.

Experience spiritual money in 7 days. Dr. Joe told me that one of the days during this Awakened Millionaire Challenge he’s releasing a video few have seen where he talks about the “8 laws of Awakened Money”.

Join this free webinar and discover the leading-edge human-potential secrets that will help you accelerate your evolution, overcome your limitations, and have a greater impact on the world.

A free week of healing to celebrate the launch of Jennifer McLean’s new book, Spontaneous Transformation – 7 Steps To Coping and Thriving In Extreme Times. You also have access to her book for free after you register for this powerful series.

Free Wealth Attraction MP3 With this powerful subliminal audio, you can vaporise your limiting beliefs about money effortlessly and develop a wealthy millionaire mindset for success and abundance.

In just 30 seconds you’ll uncover exactly what’s stopping you from achieving the financially free and successful life you desire.

Remove money myths from your life with two of today’s leading money experts, bestselling author Lynne Twist and renowned wealth coach Tammy White. In this free training you discover the 3 money myths that are holding you back.

Use this Brain Elevation Success Kit to automatically attract and achieve more success than you ever dreamed possible! The Kit contains a special report, a special video file and an Mp3 audio file.

Learn the one tiny tweak you can do right now to trigger an unstoppable state of mind that will have you powering through every task you have on hand & it only takes a minute of your day! Grab your free copy over here today.

Prepare your mind to think differently about money, and as you do, be prepared to receive more wealth than you can ever imagine. Get the free report and start applying Dr Steve’s think like a millionaire secrets now!

Measure your happiness level and know accurately where you are on a ‘happiness scale’. This quiz also predicts to you as a percentage just how much you can increase your happiness in the next months.

5 new brain & mindset experts provide the latest evidence based methodologies & tools to change the way you think, feel and behave. Release the mental and emotional blockages that prevent you from skyrocketing your success.

Learn one powerful question you can ask yourself that will supercharge your ability to connect with your higher self and identify your life’s purpose. Your dreams can be your reality once you tap into your true potential.

Advanced masterclass teaches techniques that will allow you to connect with the higher parts of yourself & receive guidance on what is really important to you.

New tell-all book hands you the secrets, steps and solutions to building a profitable business simply by doing what you’re most passionate about!

This free online workshop guides you through an easy (but powerful) step-by-step process designed to expose the subconscious limiting beliefs that are sneakily poisoning your daily thoughts, habits and actions in relation to wealth and success.

Join in this high-end summit bringing together Jennifer McLean, John Assaraf and Mary Morrissey with powerful coaching they normally only present in closed-door sessions. Walk away with tools, transformational exercises and insights you can use for the rest of your life.

Free immersive guided meditation audios to awaken your six senses to higher sensations you’ve only ever felt in flashes. Experience a curious blend of ancient wisdom & cutting-edge brainwave science in these 2 free deep dive guided meditation audios.

Learn 3 secrets to ending the struggle and making your life work. This free event will show you how to radically change your entire experience of your life with a simple shift in the way you show up every day.

Use this technique everyday to start restoring your natural healing powers. Get instant access to your free copy of the Qi 101 video course. Requires no strength, no effort, and very little time. It’s so safe that young children and the elderly use it even to this day.

Picture a new you, awakening your true energy. This season they will be sharing the newest energy healing practices, vibration and techniques.

Songs that program your mind for success! Richard’s songs do that in a way that is fun, easy, fast and efficient. music helps to create the right emotion, the words in the songs help create the direction (or vision) for the emotion. Listen to one of his songs free!

Overcome debilitating fears and emotions, doubts, anxieties, stress or worries. You will develop unstoppable confidence and the beliefs and habits to quickly achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

Use this free manifestation breakthrough kit. It includes a special report, a short video and an mp3 audio file. Program your brain to manifest.

Learn how to think We are taught what to think & haven’t been taught how to think. You can achieve success with any what to think information, yet if you do not know how to think, then all that what to think information will not work!

9 life-changing days of meditation and mind-body-spirit exercises. This free meditation experience takes just a few minutes a day. No experience is necessary.

Use 5 free subliminal MP3s to kick start a self-improvement program, or get your current self-improvement program back on track.

Change your brain from a place of confusion, discouragement or negativity, into a powerful vibrational force that will change your life forever. Listen free!

Transform internal resistance and blocks and get your whole being harmoniously aligned with manifesting your mission. Evolve internally in parallel with your worldly work so that you can become ever more aligned and fulfilled.

Shift from survival mode into the easeful flow that is only possible when you tune into the qualities of the heart and lift yourself from negative cycles.

Overcome your own obstacles to enjoy life to the fullest. Read this short article to learn more about the specific ways hypnosis can help you.

John Assaraf has helped millions of people quickly turn their dreams into a reality. Join in this free masterclass to learn from one of the top behavioural and mindset experts in the world.

See 5 crystal clear demonstrations on how to overcome the top challenges in your life. Learn to kill inner resistance and awaken your inner hero!

Transform your inner critic and turn your greatest internal enemy into an ally. This call will be recorded and everyone will receive the recording.

Learn an easy-to-use, proven formula for shattering procrastination & awakening into long-term prosperity and fulfillment.

Having It All is a free 3 video series. Discover the natural laws that will make it easier than ever before as you retrain the way you think, act and achieve. Presents cutting edge brain discoveries that accelerate your goals in 7-15 minutes a day!

Get this free ebook “How To Manifest From The Heart”. Discover the 2 simple steps to tap into your heart’s astonishing energy.

See the free 3-part video training called “Skyrocket Your Confidence”. Get a fresh perspective on improving your confidence! One that will help you move on from past failure.

Free Chakra Healing online training to guide you through 6 immersive guided meditations to strengthen and unblock each of your 7 Chakras.

Explore my own favorites! Naturally, I would be silly leave out my own collection of self improvement tools for you. I will be adding more, too.

Get 6 Pre-Made MindMovies free designed to enhance the most important areas of your life. Plus, you can watch Video 2 and Video 3, too.

Reprogram your “Soul-Print” and learn about an entirely new kind of technique called Soulprint Healing and how to use it for advancing affluence.

In this powerful new ebook you’ll discover what to do when you know you were meant for something greater than what you’re doing now (it’s free).

Retrain your brain, unlock your true potential plus get a bonus gift in this free 6-hour online brain-a-thon event with 5 top brain experts.

This Sacred Sri Yantra necklace and pendant helps in clearing all your negative energies, bringing peace, prosperity and harmony.

Learn that aging well is about so much more. Elevating your spiritual and emotional well-being, is also essential.

Activate your integral heart in day-to-day relationships in a way that brings clarity, luminosity, and love. Free virtual event and downloadable replay.

All Natural High is a music recording that uses specialized audio patterns to influence your brainwaves, improving your mood & giving you a mental buzz.

6 Pre-Made ‪MindMovies free‬ specifically designed to enhance the most important areas of your life. Valued at $234! Plus, watch the explosive new video from Natalie and Glen.

4 LOA Powerhouses all in one place at the one time. This starts in just minutes, so definitely go here first and get yourself into this incredible event, today.

Free divinely connected gifts Anne & Sherry have invited many top-level spiritual entrepreneurs and convinced them to give you these January gifts.

Attend a free call with Thomas where he will share with you his profound and very “real” approach to traveling the modern-day spiritual path.

Listen to free recordings of the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit. This profound series was created to bring about a much needed healing and unity for us all.

Watch this important video… as it explains the simplest way to use the power of your mind, to fuel success in every area of your life.

Discover proven, repeatable steps to creating a life you love living. Listen free to Mary Morrissey, Sonia Ricotti, Natalie Ledwell and Bob Proctor.

Free online training where Burt will personally guide you on how to use the most powerful creative visualization technique ever created for personal growth.

Free ticket to an online special event with Dr. Joe Vitale. Discover how breakthrough science is picking up where “The Secret” left off.

Free online Creative Visualization session that can improve any area of your life in just 20 minutes a day. It starts soon!

Motivation Manifesto is Brendon Burchard’s latest book. Get your free copy today, along with a $297 personal development course.

Choose any 2 free albums from a list of 6 best-sellers, including Master the Law of Attraction, Think Yourself Rich & Rocket Your Self Confidence.

Make the changes you want with these success recordings (free of charge). The first session is ready for you right now at no cost and no obligation.

Learn about a simple trick to stop your panic attacks, end worry, and relieve your general anxiety in 60 seconds or less. Watch this free video presentation.

Take the Sticky Habits test and find out your personal score. Takes less than 5-mins. Are you creating good habits?

Healthy Kitchen Power Hour is your nutritious roadmap for discovering the secrets to creating and sustaining nutritional excellence, simply!

See the Sacred Science film free, following 8 people from around the world, into the Amazon jungle to work with the indigenous healers.

Calling In “The One” is a free online seminar to help you identify and release your hidden barriers to love & become magnetic to your soulmate.

Download this free MP3 specifically created to help improve your law of attraction results, and leads to clearer & more accurate manifestations too.

Boost your confidence from the inside, out. This free MP3 will leave you feeling your best self and enhances your mindset for success.

Have more inner peace, love, spiritual abundance & wealth than you ever thought possible, even if you feel like you don’t know where to begin.

Get comfortable, close your eyes & infuse powerful frequencies, leaving you feeling focused, calm & joyful. Experience the potential of NeuroFlow.

Discover a technique that will remove your stress, your anxiety, your fears, your broken heart, your depression & unlock your abundant, limitless life!

Wealth Trigger 360 is a breakthrough system that you can use even as you’re living your everyday life. All you do is put on headphones and press play. The technology does the rest.

Discover the 8 “Millionaire Blocks” (and how to eliminate them). A lack of money is not the problem, it is merely a symptom. Join the free webinar.

This free eye-opening video will teach you how you to invest like the rich in the new economy. There’s no cost to watch, and you don’t need to be a financial expert.

Explore my own favorites! Naturally, I would be silly leave out my own collection of self improvement tools for you. I will be adding more, too.

Learn core principles and practices about the deeper dimensions of how dreaming can enhance and transform the quality of our lives.

What path should you follow? When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. Take the free, 2 minute Genius Test and discover your genius.

Stimulate your brain and instantly increase your energy, create a measurable increase in alertness, massively improving your ability to concentrate.

Watch this important training… as it explains the simplest way to use the power of your mind, to fuel success in every area of your life.

Free access to a 9-part Creative Visualization Guide. Start visualising effortlessly & awaken your hidden manifesting powers.

Learn about a lost city 2X the size of Manhattan, off the west coast of India & could be one of the oldest known to man. View a free screening.

Stop rehearsing and enforcing your limiting beliefs. Check this free quiz, for a great way to get yourself unstuck. Which of your chakras are open, weak, or closed?

Accelerate your success with practical exercises, guides & tutorials, easily downloaded for you to make real progress towards where you want to go in life.

Get this free MP3 In just a matter of minutes, bring about ’true peak performance’ and change your state of mind, by using the power of brainwaves.

Enjoy a fun educational adventure to help you break through emotional blocks & start seeing yourself capable of creating anything your heart desires!

Shape your reality, enhance your health and wealth, plus achieve fulfilling relationships. Download this free meditation and audio gift.

The Secret Mirror™ is Joe Vitale’s biggest product in personal development since he and his colleagues in the industry released the hit movie, The Secret.

Get straight to the heart of authentic spiritual wisdom, and in the process, end the lifelong search for what’s been missing from your life.

Get your free breakthrough experience. Very simple, very quick and free! Naturally, any breakthrough experience is completely different for everyone.

Multiply your success, eliminate “failure” and start creating an abundant life through creative visualization. Online with Lisa Nichols & Vishen Lakhiani, free.

Build your confidence with non-threatening, comfortable, and proven actions and mind shifts. Each lesson builds on the last, reinforcing your skills.

Change your brain from a place of confusion, discouragement or negativity, into a powerful vibrational force that will change your life forever.

Free daily affirmations MP3, with this powerful audio you can let your subconscious mind do the work, while you simply listen to the MP3.

Increase your productivity, sharpen your focus, improve study results, and get more done in less time. Join this free 40-min. online webinar.

Manifest abundance to allow more money, love and happiness to flow into your life. Learn to align your mindset with abundance, rather than lack.

Tap into your subconscious mind and discover infinite number of realities and possibilities. The online training is 100% complimentary.

Slow down, exhale & reconnect with your soul. The Soulful Life Sanctuary is a space where you can be your true, authentic self, be supported & simply BE!

Watch 4 videos about the “Hidden Power of Emotions”, in which Raphael Cushnir guides you through the principles & practices of emotional connection.

Less than 15 minutes a day you can heal your mind, increase your serenity, and soothe your soul. Be prepared for a life changing, meditation experience.

See this brand new collection with 15-hours of self improvement listening, produced by Thea at Forward Steps. Get all 9 MP3 downloads, today!

For the very first time, you can get the full Silva Mind Body Healing course. Get FREE access to the Silva’s Beginner’s Course – The Unlimited You!.

Download a beautiful music album, free. Specially enhanced for deep relaxation & total rejuvenation. The more you listen, the smarter you become!

Learn practices & techniques to take care of yourself, to better manage your energy & connect more deeply with your divine, intuitive & spiritual gifts.

Get more done in less time, boost your focus – with this free productivity MP3 download. Learn about the secret productivity “switch” in your brain!

Experience subliminal messaging with 3 full subliminal albums. Make changes to your belief systems, ways of thinking, habits, and much more.

Liberate yourself from procrastination and lack of follow-through, with a 7-part mini-course called “Getting Things Changed”.

Stop being afraid once and for all! Listen to a 1-hour program that includes the unthinkable new action which gives you ultimate authority over fear.

No charge to attend Neale Donald Walsch?s global gathering July 11th. Register & you?ll be able to download the recording.

Have a well organized life and watch the video all the way through, for the wonderful concepts and tips you can start applying today!

5 “hidden” causes of back pain that you won?t hear about from your doctor and 7 mistakes nearly all back pain sufferers make, in this free ebook.

Read your free chapter of Jafree’s Manifesting Manual & listen to an MP3 audio download of the “Quiet Mind” Manifesting Meditation.

Activate a dormant spiritual capacity that lives in all of us, which has the power to catapult us beyond the limiting ego & into our fullest capacities.

Unlock the power of communication by smashing down what the author calls the “12 communication barriers”.

Fun, insightful & incredibly powerful step-by-step training on how to create your happiest, most inspiring & fulfilling future right here & now.

Quiet your mind and increase your level of energy, health and enjoyment of life, with these free meditation and breathing exercises for you.

Master the law of attraction to the level where you can teach it to others & have them effectively attract everything they desire. Even if you’re a beginner!

Liberate yourself from the shackles on your energy & immerse yourself into an energetic transformation. Break free from the abundance blocks in your life.

Remove the barriers that stop you from taking that action to bring you unfathomable success, true freedom, and deep satisfaction in your life.

Experience 31 unique love mantras deeply reprogramming your body & mind with the vibration of love. Manifest loving experiences everywhere you go!

Brain Evolution uses the power of brainwaves to change your state of mind, bringing about true peak performance in just a matter of minutes.

Dr. Robert Anthony explains exactly how to Master Your Inner Game and become the ultimate creator of your life. Listen to his revealing interview, free.

PLUS check out a few free gifts from my friends…CHECK out the following great resources as well…Forward Steps Personal Development » Popular Personal Development Resources

Popular Personal Development Resources