Recommended Self Improvement Reading

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“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together, unless and until all living humans read the book.” -John Green

If a person does not read, then they have no advantage over the person who can't read. - Mark Twain Click To Tweet

I have moved all my selection of personal development reading over to this blog post for you. It was quite a job, yet worth doing and I hope you make great use of the book list below.

The recommended self improvement reading that I’ve added to this page is not in any particular order of priority, other than adding my own at the very top left.

Recommended Self Improvement Reading Image 1As I add more books, they will be inserted at the tail end of the collection.

When I find better versions of any or would consider a replacement more worthy of your time, then I’ll swap those.

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As well, I have (ad) this extra collection of positive resources to explore.

Another great resource for reading is (ad) Blinkist. The Blink that their community loved the most in 2021 was (ad) Atomic Habits by James Clear

Sometime, I might return to this collection and re-order the books into groups of my favorites and the most impactful books that I could suggest for your own reading.

Until then, enjoy making your own way through the following titles.

Simply click on any book’s image to be taken to the Amazon listing, where you can read a description for that book and where you can also explore other people’s reviews of each book.

Time For My Life Infinite Self Life Was Never The Trick To Money
Silent Power Psycho Cybernetics Power Now New Earth
Compound Effect Spiritual Marketing What Should I Do? Places You'll Go
Artists Way At Work Making A Living Word On Power Right Questions
Awaken Giant Within Art Of Possibility Think & Grow Rich Do Less Achieve
Synchrodestiny Science Getting Rich Notes Universe Success Principles
Attractor Factor Tipping Point Fred Factor Law Of Attraction
Who Moved Cheese? It Works Blink Power Of Intention
What The Bleep The Secret Out Of Your Way Millionaire Mind
Richest Man Babylon Fierce Conversations Master Key System Emotion Intelligence
Eat That Frog As A Man Thinketh Unlimited Power The Invitation
Notes From Universe Vibrational Universe When You Believe Question Behind Qn
Ready For Anything Wealth Health Love Make It Great Getting Real
Diamond In Pocket Callings Shift Happens Clueless
Success Time Management Willpower Busting Loose
The Dip Aspire Enlightenment Florence S. Shinn
Anatomy Spirit Seven Decisions What To Say Mandino Trilogy
Positive Thinking Sedona Method Change Thoughts Artist's Way
Power Of Habit Journey Home The Alchemist Being Peace
Tuesdays Yes You Are Here Opened Up
Neil Fiore Ph.D. Geoff Colvin Randy Pausch LeslieBeth Wish
Robert A. Scheinfeld Dr. Robert Anthony Matt Wolfe Pam Grout
Prem Rawat Shunyam Nirav Masaru Emoto Vivek Rajan Vivek
Natalie Ledwell Pierre Khawand Steven Pressfield Anita Casalina
Peter Baksa Peter Baksa Peter Baksa Peter Baksa
Alice Burmeister Maite Baron Richard Fenton Doug Lemov
Sheri A Rosenthal John Penberthy Dale Carnegie Rolf Dobelli
David Leonhardt Jack Canfield Nick Arandes Danish Ahmed
Michelle Bersell Louise Harmon Bradley Nelson Audible Membership
Thomas Gagliano David Perlmutter Chris Cade Christopher Pinckley
Brian Vaszily Lisa McCourt Eldon Taylor Jodi Chapman
Doc Childre Mark Hurst Dustin Rusbarsky Chade-Meng Tan
Gary D Szenderski Rob Cubbon Maria McMahon Maria McMahon
Bronnie Ware Lanny Bassham Karol K. Truman Viktor E. Frankl
Bob Doyle Esther Hicks Deepak Chopra Don Miguel Ruiz
Tanya Barad Dan Nickerson Dara Kurtz James Clear

Also, go look at this collection of self improvement products.

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Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

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Recommended Self Improvement Reading