18 Inspiring Quotations To Get You Thinking

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Here is the text list with each of the 18 inspiring quotations that are shown in the video (in case you miss any while viewing).

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“Allow yourself to be however the moment requires you to be & see that you always deserve more love, not less.” -Matt Kahn


“No matter what we think or feel about what is happening, it is always a catalyst for our highest evolution.” -Matt Kahn


“You need to be the one that invites different choices into your reality so that you can have different results.” -Matt Kahn


“Expanding your self-worth enables you to automatically expand that of others. Give yourself great credit for the smallest tasks.” -Matt Kahn


“We were not born with guilt nor obligation. When you give in to guilt, you endorse it.” -Anita Moorjani

You need to be the one that invites different choices into your reality so that you can have different results Share on X


“The way to find your happiness & joy is to make a list of all the things that are fun for YOU to do. Then do some of those things everyday.” -Anita Moorjani


“Spirituality does not have to be serious. You are spirituality. Fun & laughter heal you faster than anything. Introduce fun back into your life.” -Anita Moorjani


“The right emotion can help stimulate a good, happy, healthy life. Negative emotions drive negative energies of anger, depression, dis-ease.” -Chunyi Lin

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“When you connect the mind to the heart, you are connecting conscious & sub-conscious and therefore 100% of the body.” -Chunyi Lin


“When we focus on the things we don’t have & forget about the stuff we’ve received, it cuts off connection to flow.” -John Newton


“Challenge your assumptions or they’ll challenge you.” -Lissa Boles


“Your life, with all its quirks, has an irrefutable logic & intelligence all its own. You have a part to play & it matters.” -Lissa Boles

Challenge your assumptions or they will challenge you. -Lissa Boles Share on X


“Knowing is grand. Control has its place. Yet there’s merit & magic in every meltdown and in every cycle of uncertainty.” -Lissa Boles


“Find an item into which you can deposit your worry or concern & place it outside the area where you’d like to focus on what you want to do.” -Lissa Boles


“There’s polarity and there’s neutrality. Do we want to hold onto things or do we want to be relaxed & at ease?” -Scalar Laser


“There are no wrong turns. Only unexpected paths.” -Mark Nepo

There are no wrong turns. Only unexpected paths Share on X


“Discover the power of your environment to harm and to heal. It could make a huge difference in your health, alertness and productivity.” -Matt Riemann


“The next time you’re feeling depleted, try taking a walk in nature or near running water, and breathe in those positivity-making, oxygenized negative ions.” -Matt Riemann

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18 Inspiring Quotations To Get You Thinking