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You’ve probably experienced many “light bulb” moments. These 365 notes were designed to trigger those “aha” experiences.

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Each Forward Steps Note has one of these…

Image Quote – a quote image that’s easy to share, simply by clicking it and you’ll see its share buttons. You’ll enjoy these drops of wisdom concentrated into one or a few sentences.

Wisdom On The Web – a link to a positive website or resource. These sites focus on uplifting stories, ideas, tools or information.

Life Power Tip – a powerful life tip that you can take on board as a new habit or to shift your thinking. There’s a little bit of implicit coaching in each of these life tips.

Feel Good Action – something you can do that day to nurture yourself (or others), to give you a sense of meaning, improve your mood and reduce stress.

Challenge – an action to take which will stretch you a little, to increase confidence or self-esteem. These daily challenges will eventually influence how you tackle your longer term life goals.

Quote – a motivational quote to get you thinking and to give you renewed energy to get going and working towards your goals. These quotes are my specially selected favorites.

Clearing – an action to help keep you organized and to clear or maintain your living & working spaces.

Question – a poignant question to help you consider next steps in your life. When you ask these questions, note the immediate answers that surface.

Affirmation – a mantra that you can carry with you for the day to give that day a specific focus and to help you believe in the potential of what you desire to manifest.

Uplifting Extra – presents an extra tool, product or resource to support your forward movement and success journey.

Video – to prickle your mind, see the Forward Steps note video for that day. The motivational tips in these videos can provide great little reminders.

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Every time you open a Forward Steps Note, it is like breaking open a Chinese fortune cookie filled with inspiration and creativity.

Research proves that good news raises your endorphins which produce a feeling of well-being and are excellent for creativity.

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365 Life Power Notes From Forward Steps