Favorite Inspiring Videos To Share For Free

I just love the fact that videos are now really helping to spread fantastically inspiring messages, so much faster and so much more effectively than ever before.

inspiring videos quote image_1 1500Recently a good friend of mine has put together this amazing collection of favorite inspiring videos to get you motivated or to have you look at life in a different way.

A brand new new perspective on an “old problem” could open up a brand new sequence of possibilities.

You may see something that you’d never noticed before.

If one of these videos truly made a difference to you, or a friend with whom you share them, let us all know buy dropping a comment below this post. Or simply let us know which one was your absolute favorite. Mine is still number 7 in the list below.

Each video gives you creative ways to share them with friends, use the Facebook and Twitter buttons that come with each.

You really won’t know the difference you could make to somebody’s day by doing just a small thing like that.

Each one of the videos below will open up in a new tab for you, so you won’t lose this page. Enjoy this beautiful and heart warming collection and spread the word.

1. How did we get here?

3. Blazing their own trail!

5. There’s Good & There’s GREAT!

7. Savor life and start living…

9. These are sure to resonate with you.

11. See the future finished in advance.

13. How will you choose to respond?

2. Sometimes… less, is more!

4. Which one of these are you?

6. A time of infinite abundance!

8. May break your heart… wide open!

10. Could one word change your life?

12. Has been seen over 50 million times.

14. One number can make the difference.

I too have a large collection of (ad) Inspiring And Motivational Videos myself, plus a terrific list of (ad) Life Affirming And Inspiring Movies.

Explore those a little later. Be sure to first work your way through the lovely collection right here at this post, right above you!

PLUS check out a few free gifts from my friends…Forward Steps Personal Development » Favorite Inspiring Videos To Share For Free

6 comments for “Favorite Inspiring Videos To Share For Free

  1. 2011/02/28 at 13:04

    Thank you Jerry. Great work. I’m glad that things are very much ‘coming together’ for you. I appreciate you stopping in to say so. Have a top week. 🙂 Cheers, Thea

  2. Jerry Harder
    2011/02/28 at 11:31

    Thea, Thank you so much for the short movie clips, very inspiring. If we think properly, look and we we act properly, we can live an amzing life. Yourself and Wayne Dyer have made a huge impact in my life. I live in awareness, with passion, choosing to take the high road. I choose to live in peace, show kindness, spread joy, love all. My God given divine nature has been uncovered, never to be set aside. My outlook has changed, there are no limits, all things are possible, I am beginning to live my dreams, thoughts and words and action are all coming togther. There is such energy and power available to thise that get it. Thank you for your inspiring insights. – Jerry

  3. 2011/02/07 at 01:57

    Thank you Ashley. Great to see you here. It’s a wonderful collection of videos that I often revisit when I want a little ‘pick me up’. 🙂 Cheers, Thea

  4. Ashley Miles @ Improving Your Personal Growth
    2010/12/30 at 15:51

    Awesome and very inspiring….I really like it….

  5. 2010/12/02 at 19:24

    I can relate. Love my coffee from nice cups too. 🙂 You picked my favorite video from them all, as well. Cheers, Thea

  6. Grant Goodman - mbspoet
    2010/12/02 at 01:09

    Number 7 is awesome. I watched it as I drank coffee out of a “nice”cup.

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