Inspiring Story Of Lena And 49 Questions

Read this inspiring story of Lena and her experience with the 49 Questions To Inspire Change.

Inspiring Story article Image 1I was sent an e-mail on Sunday morning from one of our subscribers whom I did not know personally. I could tell there was some urgency in her note by the language, and she was asking if she could speak with me directly. I was at first a tad reticent, but something said, “go ahead”. And boy am I glad I did.

Within seconds of me e-mailing her back my phone was ringing. “Lena”, proceeded to launch into a story that just made what we do here all worth while.

She’s a lady in her mid-fifties, and has a very common story. Failed marriage (for the younger woman), distant children, thirty years a home-maker, not very worldly, but a very real “smiley” voice.

She proceeded to tell me that she had been on our subscriber list for about six months after a friend sent her a “reader” she thought would lighten her load.

She has diligently made it a habit to spend some quiet time every day to read the offering of the day.

She told me she would feel angry at many of them, and that she’d often cuss me out walking around her house. Then she read something that I’d just briefly mentioned a month or so ago. A friend had sent her a copy of an emotional tone scale, and she saw that her “anger” was a more positive emotion than the apathy and depression she was more used too. She related to me that she was actually looking forward to getting a little “pissed” with what I was sending in the Daily Reader.

Then the sky opened up for her.

When she received Friday’s e-mail with the attached 49 Questions To Inspire Change by Thea Westra, she said a whole new set of sensations took her over. Lena said that for the very first time in her adult life, she saw a road map presented before her.

This happy sounding lady had not been asleep since Friday as she worked through the questions one by one.

She said she had in excess of a hundred and fifty pages of stuff that “Peter, I don’t know where it came from”.

Bottom line, she related that she has never, ever, felt so empowered, vibrant, and alive. She feels she has turned a corner.

Before she e-mailed me, she called her former husband and congratulated him for the choices he has made for his live. She called each of her three children and apologized, releasing them from any “guilt” she may have infected them with.

And lastly (and this is where I choked), she said she took an hour long look at herself in the mirror, forgave herself for adopting powerlessness and fear, and resolved to live the rest of her life “out loud”.

Folks, I asked Lena to write her experience out for the blog, and she promised, as she feels more confident around technologies, she certainly would. She just wanted let me know what happened, and she gave me permission to write something about our call.

I’m feeling an enormous sense of gratitude for Lena, for the materials our contributors so selflessly share, for the technology that allows us to communicate to quickly, and for you all, who provide the inspiration to pull it all together.

Thank you.

Original Source: Peter’s blog post at (ad) Feedback on The 49 Questions To Inspire Change

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Inspiring Story Of Lena And 49 Questions