Aware Of The Light (A Note For Everybody)

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This message is for those who are aware of the light (everybody)!

The following letter was written by Crystal at Clear Health. Thank you (ad) Christopher Westra for sending it through to me, so that I can now share it forward with you…

I had an experience last night that I want to share, one that gives insight to the coming weeks. I was laying in bed thinking about recent events both personally and in our communities.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageI began to feel a lot of fear around these next couple of weeks as we head deeper into December and into 2013. The shooting in CT, and other shootings, how corrupt the government is becoming, just all of it. And I mean, it was intense fear like Holocaust fear.

I wanted to cry. So, I began to pray. Archangel Michael appeared before me. I felt his strong loving presence and was immediately settled and comforted. He took me with him and without saying a word, I knew he was taking me to show me a clearing of the earth.

I could see the city I live in and all of this dark inky black and brown air being sucked from it and angels faster than lightning pushing this beautiful, clean, sparkly, heavenly light energy into every house!

We went higher and higher, I could see it happening to the state, the country, the world! I was amazed at this process, how quick and swift it was. I could see this dark energy being sucked out of the whole planet and all of this divine light replacing it.

I was astounded as I thought, what an amazing thing to behold.

Archangel Michael then said to me, “Crystal, we do this hourly. Every hour of every day. As the world fills up with this darkness, we are working tirelessly to remove it and push God’s love back into it”.

I began to weep and cry. HOURLY? This huge and wondrous process has been going on every 60 mins. around the entire earth? The magnitude struck me and, through sobs, I asked what I could do!

Aware of the light quote image 1He said that for the next 2 weeks, the two energies of dark and light will be come even more intense, and that the angels who are coming in legions and waves will have to work even faster. He urged me not to be affected by the dark waves and to stay strong though the roller coaster effect of this opposition, that continues to chase each other like cat and mouse, throughout the world.

The darkness comes, it is then removed and light returns. The dark returns darker, the light returns lighter! No wonder we’re all feeling chaotic, right?

He told me to keep myself as positive as possible. He said that it is easier for the light to remain when humans hold the light for long periods of time, and that one human can hold the light for 30 or more people at a time.

My job, and the job of all people who are aware of this light, is to hold the intention for holding it for 30 people or more, for as long as you can, throughout the day. To not let fear, drama, or anything negative, personal or global, get to us.

Do not let fear, drama, or anything negative, personal or global, get to us. Share on X

In my mind, he showed me a vision of the light remaining for longer periods of time and that the angels would eventually have to remove the darkness every day, then every other day and so on… until the light prevails.

He showed me that it was only because of people’s prayers and commitment, not to carry fear of what the world is going through, that they even have the power to undergo this mass intense project.

He showed me that when the darkness comes, people are more apt to have their personal insecurities and dramas affect them. However, if we can recognize it as just an effect of having darkness sweep through us, we can be more aware and stand up to it with wisdom and love. We will be like the angels, sweeping the darkness away and adding light from heaven to our lives, and this affects everyone around us.

Aware of the light quote image 2He brought me back into my bedroom and told me to visualize light going in through my body and down into the earth, filling all of the light grids throughout the planet, and to fall asleep with this image while repeating, “Light prevails, light prevails, light prevails”.

I did as I was told and fell asleep in this process. I had beautiful dreams that were ineffable – in many of those dreams I was with the angels, who sang in choirs and in tones I cannot describe, because it was so beautiful and ‘other worldly’.

I am fully committed to doing what I’m told for the next 2 weeks and to get the information out there to as many people as I can. I think it’s important to be aware that many of our own personal drama is a part of that darkness trying to distract us from our purpose at this time.

Upon relaying this information to a friend, she reported feeling the back and forth, the ups and downs, very intensely. Another friend reports that she feels she’s being sucked into a black vortex.

Whether you are sensitive to the energies, or just notice a lot of drama and ups and downs around you, it is obvious there is a lot going on. Someone asked if we could pick our 30 people for whom to hold light. I’m not sure if we can pick them, or that it even matters.

Aware of the light quote image 3It matters only that we hold the light, when we start to feel the darkness come. I would simply attempt to hold the light for as many people as you think you can. Archangel Michael was not trying to limit us, just give us a figure from which to work.

Brothers and sisters, it’s time to flex our spiritual muscles… the ones we’ve been practicing, working for years. I believe that many of us chose to be here at this time for this one very pivotal turning point.

It’s being downplayed, there is much distraction and confusion, however we must keep focused on being loving, forgiving, compassionate, happy, and doing things that make us feel joy and connected.

Those things are different for everyone and we need to engage!

You may even have to set aside the anger and drama you might be in, with others right now. Tell them you’re on a sabbatical and that you will pick up where you left off, next month!

This is precious time, people. Not a time for wimping out and saying it's too hard Share on X

This is precious time, people. Not a time for wimping out and saying it’s too hard, or that you are too busy or insecure in your own power to hold light. Nope. We don’t have the privilege of chickening out or downplaying ourselves, or this situation, right now.

After what I saw, and continue to be made aware of, we need every single person to set aside any ‘personal issues’ and participate right now. Spend this time engaging in an inspiring hobby, listening to a song that brings joyous tears to your eyes, watching inspiring videos, or looking at photos and spending time with pets and loved ones.

Give, give, give, as service brings you out of personal drama and into the light for long periods of time. Randomly call/text people to tell them you care, pray, visit an old or lonely person… whatever makes you feel good. You know what brings you joy… do it.

Do it for 2 weeks and commit, to helping our beloved and tireless angels rid this planet from such intense fear.

LIGHT PREVAILS! I love you, spiritual warriors. LIGHT PREVAILS!

Love, Crystal. Message Delivered 12/17/12, Clear Health.

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Aware Of The Light (A Note For Everybody)Aware Of The Light (A Note For Everybody)Aware Of The Light (A Note For Everybody)