Step Forward (Even Into The Headwinds)

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Sometimes, even the simplest act of taking another step forward is not the easiest thing…

Ever been on a school camp where everyone formed a line to cross along a log, over a creek?

It’s your turn and you confidently step out onto the log, you make it half way & now you know you’ll make it all the way across.


Someone from the back starts calling, “Fall, fall, fall, fall!”

Next thing you know, you’re wobbling all over the place, the focus and confidence is gone. Into the drink you go!

Step Forward Even Into The Headwinds img 1There are many times over when we do this to ourselves.

We begin on a certain path, clear and confident, then the gremlins begin their chattering.

Perhaps, something goes not quite as planned, or something goes awry and next thing you know, you begin to wobble, or worse, you stop.

As in the word of Henry Ford, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right“.

I know you can relate to Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile story, plus stories of all the land speed records broken.

We’ve all been there, where we have gone beyond what we believed was possible.

It is our memory of those times which encourages us to try again, with fresh challenges.

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Knowing something and believing something, are two different animals…

When we take on challenges, beyond where we have been before and beyond what we know ourselves capable, then we are asking ourselves to be as though “we know” even though it is only still a glimmer of belief …for the time being.

A bit like crossing that creek by walking a log. We believe we can do it, yet we’re not in a place of “certain knowing” about it.

We grow our capabilities by stretching ourselves and when we courageously step forward, head long into new personal challenges.

Our personal growth is found in how we manage the circumstances that show up on the path.

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During the flat times, when we find ourselves battling our own lack of personal belief, we need friends around us who will remind us of or original plans and the reasons that we’re going after them.

We need a circle of friends who will shout, “Yes, you can do it!”, when everything around you and inside of you, seems to scream, “Fall, fall, fall, fall!”

The way you view yourself and your capabilities was developed over years of conditioning and from continually hanging around in particular environments.

To cause change, search out environments that are supportive of the changes you seek and choose “input” (reading, self talk, conversations, audios, etc.) that aligns with the direction you want to go.

Research is discovering a lot more about the (ad) elasticity of the brain and the formation of new neural pathways…

We change each time we alter an opinion about ourselves and receive feedback validating its truth, by gathering tangible evidence of successes (even the small ones).

We can choose to hear the calls of, “Fall, fall, fall, fall!” We can choose to hear our internal chatter about the times we failed and the seeming impossibility of a goal.

Yet, we could still choose to step into a place of personal power, moment by moment. We can step forward into the headwinds and play full out for success, when we consciously choose it and focus!

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Step Forward (Even Into The Headwinds)