12 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood

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If you’re feeling a bit blue, you might be surprised to hear that there are lots of ways to lift your mood in less than a minute. Download the free ebook for you below, too!

Skeptical? Try these and see!

Use a couple of these 12 ways to improve your mood, in under a minute…

1. Smell essential oils

Put some drops of lavender and orange essential oils in a diffuser.

These oils have been shown to help with anxiety and to promote calmness and positivity.

2. Have a snack

A handful of nuts or a square of dark chocolate will send endorphins flooding into your brain and lift your mood fast.

3. Get some sunshine

Go outside and get some fresh air and some sunshine.

Studies have shown that people who have significant exposure to light have less depression, fewer sleep problems and are even more productive.

If you can’t make it outside, go and look out of a window.

4. Go for a walk

Even walking around the block will help to lift your heart rate and energy levels.

5. Focus on your breath

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply three times.

Focused breathing lowers your blood pressure and calms the mind.

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6. Relax tense muscles

Lift your shoulders up to your ears and then let them drop.

Do this three times and feel the tension ebb away.

It’s easy to hold onto a lot of tension and stress without realizing it.

7. Hug yourself

If you’re feeling nervous before an interview or presentation, go into the stairwell or the restroom.

Breathing in, open your arms wide, breathing out give yourself a big hug.

It’s almost impossible to do this without smiling.

8. Smile!

Smile and make eye contact with a colleague or the guy in the coffee shop or the person serving you at the deli.

The physical act of using your smile-muscles can genuinely make you feel happy.

It’s contagious too. Chances are you’ll make them smile too and improve their day.

9. Change posture

Stand up straight, lift your head and throw your shoulders back.

Improve Your Mood - Forward Steps image_1Adopt a Wonder Woman or Superman pose and feel the change in your energy.

10. Enjoy a cuppa

A cup of tea or coffee will instantly lift your mood.

You probably know that caffeine is a stimulant, yet even low or no caffeine hot drinks will give you a boost or calm you down.

Taste a chamomile or green tea, a chai latte or simply hot water and lemon.

11. Listen to music

You can choose custom mood music or play your old favorites, as long as it’s music that you love.

Music has been shown to have a powerful effect on mood.

12. Ask for a hug

Probably not from your boss, yet a family member or friend would love to give you the instant comfort of an embrace.

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Lastly, here is a bonus mood elevator for you to try…

Child’s Pose is a yoga pose that will boost your mood immediately.

It’s a deeply relaxing and will encourage a flood of calming endorphins in the brain. It reduces stress and fatigue and stretches the hips, thighs, and ankles.

Child’s Pose is a resting pose during a yoga session because of its quieting and restorative effects.

Improve Your Mood - Forward Steps quote imageTo get into Child Pose, start on your hands and knees and slow the breath down, turning your attention inwards.

Spread the knees, keeping your big toes touching.

Sit back on your heels and lengthen your spine. Breathing out, gently bend your torso forward, resting your chest on the tops of your thighs.

Allow your forehead to rest lightly on the mat.

You may bring your arms back to rest on the mat alongside your thighs with the palms facing upwards. Or you may leave them extended in front of you with the palms facing down on the mat.

Close your eyes and hold for up to a minute.

As you begin to feel more positive, make changes to your daily routines.

If you can maintain those new, good habits once your mood has lifted, you will continue to feel better.

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Renowned spiritual guru Deepak Chopra says that happiness is the goal, of all other goals. How true that is!

Apart from making us feel good, do you know that people who are happy create more magic in their lives than people who are not?

Being happy with yourself is the key to success for so many areas of life.

The Dalai Lama said, “I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness… the very motion of our life is towards happiness”.

When asked if it is really possible to be happy, the Dalai Lama replied…

“Yes, I believe that happiness can be achieved through training the mind. By bringing about a certain inner discipline”.

The Dalai Lama continues, “we can undergo a transformation of our attitude, our entire outlook and approach to living”.

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12 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood