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Do you know the surprising reason why manifestation and law of attraction, doesn’t work for most people?

It’s the same reason that many people have overdue bills, take budget vacations and live unhappy lives.

In this article, Croix Sather (learn about him in the video above or short bio at end of this post) will reveal to you how to turn your mind into an instant manifestation magnet and leave struggle as a thing of the past so that you can live a life you truly love.

Why doesn’t manifestation and the law of attraction work for so many people?

What can they do to make the law of manifestation work for them?

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageInternational manifestation expert, Croix Sather, suggests the following…

You already know the first two levels of the mind. The conscious mind is our awake logical mind. When we say mind, this is the part of the mind that we usually think of.

The subconscious mind runs in the background controlling our habits, automatic actions and responses.

The subconscious mind is super powerful. It controls more than 90% of what we do.

Almost everything we do is a matter of repetition conditioning.

We follow the same routine when we wake up, we drive to work the same route and let the same things distract us every day.

Did you know you have a third mind?

The third level of the mind is incredibly powerful. I call it the vibrational mind and it is the conduit to manifesting everything you want.

This level of the mind is virtually ignored by everyone claiming to be a manifestation expert because most don’t understand the true power of the mind.

When you (ad) align all three levels of your mind then, and only then, can you effortlessly and instantly manifest everything you want.

Imagine no more worry over money issues. No more feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about stretching your last few dollars.

The vibrational mind is the conduit to manifesting everything you want. Share on X

It’s time to stop struggling pay-check to pay-check and start thriving in abundance.

What is the vibrational mind?

Imagine an iceberg. The 10% of the iceberg that is above the water, that is the conscious mind. The 90% that is below the water, that is the subconscious mind.

The water around the iceberg, that is the vibrational mind. It is what connects everything and everyone together through the vibration of energy.

Everything and everyone vibrates an energy. You experience this every moment of every day. You walk into the office and your boss is in a bad mood, you know before you even see him. You can feel it.

Manifestation and law of attraction - Forward Steps 1500px_2You walk to your car in a dark parking lot and you “feel” danger, that is your vibrational mind sensing something.

It happens in a positive way too. It always works!

For example, you think of a friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time and then a few moments later she calls you to tell you the news that she just got a promotion.

The law of attraction always works. Whether you realize it or not. Whether you believe it or not. You attract your most common and strongest thoughts… and emotions.

You’re already excellent at manifesting. Everything in your life has already been manifested by who you were in the past. Your experiences become your conscious and subconscious thoughts, your beliefs plus emotions.

If you want things to change, you must change. Share on X

In a cafe, I heard a guy loudly telling his buddies, “Why does this always happen to me? I am always getting fleeced!” He was boiling mad. He was saying it. Believing it and, most importantly, he was feeling it.

When someone is aligned like this with the 3 levels of the mind, that thought becomes reality. He will attract more events where he is “getting fleeced”.

Everything in your life today, your challenges and your blessings, are the result of how your mind is currently programmed. It works every day, all day, without fail.

Manifestation and law of attraction - Forward Steps 1500px_1If you want things to change, you must change.

Life can change!

Life can massively change in the blink of an eye. It’s not reckless to think you can radically transform your life overnight.

No matter where your life started or where it is right now. You can easily and quickly see incredible improvements.

Imagine having the financial freedom to go on dream vacations, live in your dream home, have a college education fund for your children and a comfortable retirement nest egg to live out your golden years.

Imagine if you used that same conviction with your thoughts, behaviors and feelings, yet instead of “always getting fleeced” like the man in the example above, you say, act, believe and feel like “I am always being blessed with opportunities and money. It’s like I am a money magnet”.

How different would your life be? Would you walk differently? Talk differently? Act differently?

Specifically, you need to reprogram your mind to repel the things you don’t want and to attract the positive things you do want.

If you want to attract money, as an example, then you need to reprogram your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions about money. This happens by cancelling old negative beliefs about money and replacing them with empowering beliefs about money.

Cancel out the phrase and belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” replace it with “Money flows like a endless river giving life to everything near its path”.

Manifestation and law of attraction - Forward Steps 1500px_4At least 90% of quotes, phrases and education around money is negative. Your parents were likely broke or tightwads. School didn’t even teach you how to balance a check-book and society promotes unhealthy debt and buying habits. It’s no wonder most people are losing sleep over money.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Stop repelling money and start attracting money by transforming the way you talk, believe and feel about money and money will flow into your life like an endless river nourishing everything near its path.

There is an untapped power within you. It’s the power of your vibrational mind. When you align yourself to the vibration of money, money starts showing up for you. Sometimes it’s a coupon for a discount, a friend gives you tickets to a show, it shows up as opportunities that lead to income, sometimes it is spendable cash.

If you doubt it is possible, then that is your vibration and it will be impossible.

If you doubt it is possible, then that is your vibration and it will be impossible. Share on X

If you align your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to the thing you want, then that will show up in your life.

7 most powerful strategies for success

In his 7 day inspirational audio training series which is a part of (ad) Instant Manifestation Secrets (based on the scientific principles of aligning the 3 levels of the mind to manifest anything you want), Croix shares with you his 7 most powerful strategies for success (based on his world records and on coaching thousands of people). The 7 days to success are the habits wealthy and successful people live each and every day.

Success habit 1

Make it easier on yourself and set yourself up to win. Listen to this audio and learn what uber successful people do to become uber happy people with true wealth.

Success habit 2

When you win the morning you will win the day. Learn how a simple morning routine will double your productivity and improve your health, happiness and mindset.

Success habit 3

This is the “Hell yeah” method to prioritizing. If you are not saying, “Hell yeah”, then you better be saying “Hell no” to everything that is getting in the way of your goals and dreams. This is how you know and how to do it.

Manifestation and law of attraction - Forward Steps 1500px_3

Success habit 4

This is your Secret Weapon to Success. Every highly successful person has mastered this habit. Without it, you will always be wondering why you are struggling.

Success habit 5

To live an amazing life, you must live your personal power. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Your personal power is your center of gravity and will determine if you are successful, wealthy, healthy and happy or if you are broke and miserable.

Success habit 6

Life is short. If you don’t take action on your dreams now, when will it happen? Probably never. Listen to this to stop procrastinating and make your dream big life happen. This is your taking action formula.

Success habit 7

Boldness is rewarded. This one is my favorite because this is what separates the people who live incredible lives from those who live common lives. The universe likes to reward those who live boldly. Why? Because there is an unmistakable, undeniable and magnetic energy around people who live boldly.

This isn’t just money. It is dream vacations, the home you’ve always wanted and true friends. It is also happiness, health and love. You can meet your soulmate or transform your marriage into an epic love.

Break free from what’s been holding you back. Stop repelling the things you want to manifest and become a manifestation magnet.

As mentioned before, you are always manifesting, so if you don’t have the things you want, then you are not aligning the 3 levels of the mind. You are vibrating in a way that repels what you want.

Transform and align your mind so that you easily and effortlessly attract the things you want most.

It is important to know… that the power is already within you.

Contributed by guest author

Manifestation and law of attraction Croix Sather - Forward StepsCroix Sather is an author, speaker and international expert on the law of attraction and manifestation. He ran across America by tapping into the power of his mind to go from a non-runner to a marathon a day for 100 days, in less than a year.

He lives a travel lifestyle globe hopping while working from his laptop in search of the next great adventure and the hidden masters of the mind.

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Manifestation And Law Of Attraction WorksManifestation And Law Of Attraction WorksManifestation And Law Of Attraction WorksManifestation And Law Of Attraction Works