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Believe In Yourself - Forward Steps Free eBook Download

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2 comments for “Believe In Yourself Free eBook Download

  1. 2018/12/26 at 13:23

    Cathy, I cannot see the link for Free Exclusive Bonus– “Brain Power Series”. Could you please tell me exactly where you saw that or give me the exact link? Was it under the heading, “PLUS check out a few free gifts from my friends…” or in the images above that heading? I’d like to remove or redirect it if it’s not pointing to where it should. Thank you. Cheers, Thea

  2. Cathy Aumack-Bandy
    2018/12/26 at 12:12

    Free Exclusive Bonus– “Brain Power Series” states — “Brain Maxima is Currently not Available for Sale.”
    LEads me to believe this is not as stated, a “Free Exclusive Bonus.”

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