Do You Use Gmail For Your Forward Steps?

Even if you do not use gmail, you will find the information below very useful. Particularly the section titled “If you do not use Gmail (and even if you do)…”, near the end.

The following is useful information for any & all emails that you receive each day, and not only for receiving Forward Steps emails.

Take this quick, easy, simple step right away if you use Gmail for reading your Forward Steps emails…

Watch the video for this Forward Steps Note

1. Click on your “Promotions” tab at the top of your Gmail and scroll to find one of the previous email messages from sender “Forward Steps”

2. Click and drag my email message to your “Primary” folder (at the top of Gmail)

3. Then, when a message pops up asking if you want all future messages from me to go into your “Primary” folder, simply click to answer YES!


If you don’t want Gmail imposing their tabs on you at all, and you just want to go back to ONE inbox for all incoming email, do this:

First, click on the plus [+] icon to the far right of the new inbox tabs.

Next, uncheck the box labeled “Promotions”, then click “Save”.

That’s it! You’re all done.

The latter, easier option is the one that I chose and makes my Gmail simpler to use.


Should you EVER find a Forward Steps email in your spam folder, would you please, please mark it as not spam for me?

Do you use gmail - mark as not spam


Please add the Forward Steps email address to your contacts.

Use Gmail - Add Forward Steps to your contacts

If you do not use Gmail (and even if you do)

Then, click here to see how to white list your Forward Steps emails so they will not end up in your spam box.

Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, and Gmail, use engagement-based filtering to help detect spam.

This means, that the more you interact with Forward Steps emails by opening, clicking, and reading, the more likely Forward Steps emails end up in your inbox.

So, to help out all Forward Steps subscribers, when you have an opportunity (even if you do not have time to read everything), it makes a difference to us all when you open a Forward Steps email and click on a link.

If you no longer want Forward Steps emails, simply click the unsubscribe link that you see at the end of every email. Make your selection, then click the big green button to save your change.

Tip for gmail users…

See all your unread mail by typing “label:unread” in the gmail search bar, then click the search icon or press your “enter” key.

Do you use gmail - Use label unread in gmail

Thank you so very much for making time to read this and act on it.

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Do You Use Gmail For Your Forward Steps?