Seven Principles For A Graceful World

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Seven Principles for a graceful world, take the pledge!

Do you feel something stirring deep in your soul, in your bones… calling you to live your life in new ways?

Are you experiencing a growing sense of a global family and the interconnectedness of life?

Forward Steps - 7 Steps To Oneness free MP3 Guy Finley 1000pxTake the pledge to follow these Seven Principles for a graceful world.

1. Slow down and listen

We believe that we are vast, ancient and wise beings who are at essence already enlightened, awake, connected. We believe that Grace is our natural state and that in the deep recesses of our heart we remember.

We commit to stopping long enough to listen to the soul’s call, really hear it. And to having the courage to follow it and to trust that we are being guided to give our greatest contribution and experience our most sublime joy.

2. Live on the pulse of Life

We believe that as humanity, we have forgotten our connection to our essential divinity (Grace) and oneness and that this disconnection is the source of most of our individual and global problems.

We believe that by relaxing out of our armor of beliefs/tightness of being and by surrendering open to Grace, we become more powerful, alive, joyful and at peace.

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We surrender to the natural, infinitely intelligent flow of life, allowing it to return us to the ocean of eternal Being-ness.

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3. Bring the Love

We believe that humanity is being called to make a quantum leap in our evolution. Living our lives as acts of love opens doors to power and grace.

We commit to having our very presence uplift our environment, honoring every person that we meet. We do this from a place of strength and joy by doing the things that feed and rejuvenate our spirits.

We recognize the power of this love by exemplars like Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and countless others. And, we celebrate its awakening in the hearts of people all over the world.

4. Forgive, let go, move on… to new life

We believe that by courageously facing, surrendering and healing the “lies and wounding of culture” in our conscious and subconscious minds we accelerate our awakening and re-connection to the fabric of creation. We fiercely commit to the journey of conscious evolution. Every grain of our societal beliefs lovingly becomes grist for the mill of our growth.

By examining why we believe what we do, we can make conscious, more life-affirming choices. -Marla Durden Click To Tweet

By examining why we believe what we do, we can make conscious, more life-affirming choices and create real sustainable change in our lives and the world.

5. Awaken to the natural abundance of the Universe

We believe that we live in a vast, fertile universe of infinite abundance and possibility, that we have plenty, we are enough and can manifest lives of destiny.

Also, we believe that the true embodiment of this belief leads to responsible and sustainable abundance for us all. When we align our lives with it, we prosper naturally and gracefully- synchronicity increases and we are guided to our greatest Good.

A Graceful World - Forward Steps image_3We commit to freeing ourselves from the trance of scarcity. We welcome the incredible journey of healing that it brings and with it joy beyond our most sacred dreams.

6. Honor and respect all life

We believe that all life is interconnected. As humanity, we cannot fulfill our highest potential until we can honor every person and thing on the planet. We commit to lifting those living in abject poverty or ravished by disease or hunger. They too, are our people.

We commit to healing the wounds of separation we call race, creed, color or national origin, and open to the heart of every being- the soul of the individual, always and in all ways.

We believe that Nature has profound wisdom, that animals are our brethren and trees, our friends. We commit to honoring all of life, our collective journey, our ancestors and our future generations.

7. Welcome the wisdom and grace of the emergent Divine Feminine

We believe that a new consciousness is awakening that brings balance, beauty and wisdom to a world weary from long over-heated masculine drive. We believe that She is awakening in the hearts and minds of men and women all over the planet.

Those who feel her stirring are awakening to themselves anew and finding creative solutions to the problems that plaque humanity. We open to the connection, healthy sensuality, deep inner fulfillment and joy that she brings.

By Marla Durden at Profound Harvest

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Seven Principles For A Graceful WorldSeven Principles For A Graceful WorldSeven Principles For A Graceful World